We attract spirits…


We are energy beings and we attract spirits. All things are energy just in different stages of denseness. Spirits see our energy. They see the colors in our aura and in our body. They sense our vibrations, frequency, and our scent. Like bees to honey – this is what attracts them – this is how they can follow you. Like a dog they can track you. So keeping your aura clean and healthy is important. Keeping your thoughts and feelings positive and on a high note is important. We can’t be this way 24/7 but living in goodness everyday is a great thing and can help keep the bad spirits away. Treating people good and treating them the way you want to be treated will also help. However, use your sword when you need to defend yourself. Step on the dark side when it becomes necessary to survive. We are also electromagnetic beings and like a magnet we can attract spirits/entities by our deeds. If your are dark in your heart & in your mind, then this is what you will attract and vica versa. However, just because you live in the light and by goodness does not mean that you will not attract anything negative. The “light” attracts all types of pesky bugs like moths, gnats, mosquitoes, etc., and we can attract pesky spirits the same way…

For those who saw the movie, “Predator”, remember how the alien was able to track the army men? Remember, how the alien would stop and analyze the body and head of the person before he would strike? The alien saw the men by the colors of the thermal heat emitting from their bodies. If you haven’t seen the movie, check it out on YouTube. Well spirits, do the same thing. They look at the colors in our aura and if it’s a bad spirit it can attack you by the weaknesses in your aura. So spiritual cleanings are extremely important. Be aware of how you might be attracting some unwanted energies. When bad things happen, check yourself from time to time. Ask yourself, “Is it me, am I doing anything to attract these energies, or maybe I’m not doing enough to keep these energies from affecting me?” Also, check your state of mind – look into your thoughts, what is your conscious mind saying vs. your subconscious? All is relevant. All of these things are what pulls things to us: our mind, body, spirit, aura, thoughts, feelings, words – attract good and bad.


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  1. Angie February 12, 2016 at 2:57 pm #

    Miss lady u have got to be the most humbling, spiritual, angel of a person. U are a blessing from God….

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