Trusting yourself…

If you don’t trust yourself to make the correct decisions in your life then you have some inner work to do. Inner work means going inside your heart or your gut to find out where all your deep seeded trust issues are and then you work to heal them so you can regain your inner peace.

I ask you, “why don’t you trust yourself?”

For some, the answer could be simple. Maybe someone told you as a child that you will never be good at anything. Maybe they said, “you never do anything right”. They could have called you stupid, etc.  You grew up believing that you would make a mess out of everything.  In this case, your subconscious is playing a recording of the negative statements over and over in your mind and these negative statements continue to manifest in your life in different ways. Unfortunately, we are not aware that the subconscious is always at work.

Here you can simply reprogram your thoughts to more positive words that will build your confidence. And there are many ways to do this. Many will hold on to information, thoughts, and feelings for fear of being wrong only to find out later that they were correct. How I got over this was to tell myself that no one is 100% correct, and if I’m not sure about something, I just say I’m unsure.

There are parts of ourselves that are connected to the higher self and when it tells you in your gut and in your heart that something is wrong or right it will not miss guide you. You just have to be connected to yourself and learn to trust the feelings.

For others the answer may not be so simple because it requires them to look at some issues they may not want to look at. Burying issues will do nothing but fester and eventually come to the surface in another form which is usually unhealthy like a sickness. However, dealing with the matter will ultimately show you how to make better choices for yourself.

Inner work is apart of spiritual growth.  This subject is not talked about much in many spiritual communities because these communities place their emphasis on doing lots of work with outer energies such as spirits, Orisha, etc… While working with forces outside of ourselves are helpful, a strong foundation of spirituality can only be built for a person who is strong and balanced internally because much of what manifests outside of ourselves is a direct result of what is going on inside.  For example, a person who sleeps in a cluttered messy room would most likely be one to have a cluttered state of mind, a lack of concentration, and live with much confusion.

On the flip side, there are times when rituals (ebbo), spiritual work, or even spiritual baths can help to alter and strengthen us from the inside out. So I’m not negating this fact, I’m only emphasizing that in most cases it is up to the individual to heal themselves and to work to build trust within because no one can give you that – not even the spiritual forces, gods, and deities… Many of our trust issues are deeply embedded and suppressed, however, you can ask your guides to help and support you through the process of healing or maybe they can show you the areas that need to be worked on.

Trusting yourself is very important because once you gain confidence in yourself great things will manifest in your life and you will feel stronger and have a greater sense of well being.


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