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My Spiritual Reading

The reading was so perceptive. Aladokun is truly a spiritual healer. She told me things that helped me to get on the right path once again. I had dreams that night and communicated with spirit guides.   Larena


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Reading Was On Point!

Aladokun was on point about everything that I’d been concerned about and gave me clear and easy to follow remedies for spiritual protection. I was very impressed by the highest spiritual plane and knowledge that Aladokun is on and as a whole I liked my reading with her very very much! Aladokun was able to see and connect with my spiritual court in a way that NOBODY has ever been able to accomplish! She is truly gifted and blessed by spirit and Orisha as a spiritist and priestess and I will be recommending her to my friends for readings.  Laura

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Awesome Spirit Reading

I had my reading today with Aladokun. I really enjoyed speaking to her. She was right on point with the question I ask her. My experience exceeded 100 times the expectation. I can wait to speak to her again. When I got home I couldn’t wait to tell my partner and family about my experience with a REAL spiritual reader. I have her book, which I read to my egguns every morning, which was one of the reasons I wanted to speak to her. I love everything about my reading, and I will recommend to my family and friends. Last thing I want to say is, she was so helpful, and the things she was saying about the future which I already knew, but she didn’t, really blew my mind.  And also confirms she IS the real thing. Alaafia and Modupe!!!  Willie

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Spiritual Reading

I’m a little late on this but have to come by to say THANK YOU to Iya Aladokun.  She is very inspirational.  She hit everything I’m going through right on the head.  Not only did she see what was going on, but she gave me a viable solution.  She sent me all types of information.  It was very comfortable speaking with her and I hope to learn more.  Modupe!  Blessings to you!…Jessica


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Negative Energy in Home

I just wanted to give you an update after my home clearing Saturday. After our session, I think a lot of the work took place while I was asleep. I felt really out of it when I woke up. It took me about an hour and a half to actually get myself up. You actually appeared in my dream and you were talking about the clearing and stuff. The next day I felt very calm and grounded as I usually feel anxious, nervous, stressed out and worried. I was also able to open my bedroom door and it feels better in there. Thanks for your help…  Holly

Protection Pendant

hey aladokun!
i made it to the dominican republic! i’m sorry this is all lowercase. i’m at an internet cafe and the keyboard doesn’t really work.  anyways, i have so much to tell you especially about your protection pendant!! seriously these things freaking rock!! i was around some shady family and the crystals got cloudy i didn´t even notice until i got home!  i´ll elaborate more once i get my internet sorted out but i’m going to end this email now because this computer is really starting to make me angry so i´ll talk to you soon!  Sasha


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Mediumship Development

It is truly a honor to write this testimonial for Aladokun’s program (the APS Mediumship Development Program). The program was very rewarding for me in many ways. The work on the ego was definitely an eye opening experience for me. Controlling the ego is the base of effective and safe mediumship. I thought that I knew the ego and had it under control but to my surprise, I did not. The classes helped me to identify the ego and to use ” I ” to help me in my life as opposed to being a hindrance. I also found the class to be very well organized and efficiently run so that I was able to get maximum value. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in improving their life.  Haouti Baherukti


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Ancestor Paths Book

Ancestor Paths Book provides the essential dynamics needed by someone to begin their journey into the path of spiritualism. It give the reader a comprehensive idea of what the practice of Ancestral Honoring is all about. The prayers and rituals are created from the heart center of a loving practitioner of Spiritualism. I recommend this book to everyone who would like to bring some light and clarity into the realm of Ancestral Spirit. Be open, be full of light and you shall see.   Edwin


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Energy Pendant

I gave this pendant to my Mother as a gift. She is 85 years old and has problems with her balance upon standing up from the chair or sofa. Once she began wearing the pendant she felt felt her equilibrium balanced and felt much more energetic. She continues to wear it and has developed an affinity to its vibrations. The positive Spiritual energy embedded into the pendant has an amazing effect on the wearer. Etsy Customer


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