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The Downside of Ancestor and Spirit Communications


Many people ask, “How do I talk to spirits?” or “How do I communicate with the ancestors?”

In my opinion, the first and the most important thing you need to do is get stronger and more empowered within yourself so that the outer forces, energies, and spirits will interact with you in a positive and respectful way.

As I have stated on my BlogTalkRadio Show, LUMINOUS SPIRIT, you should not deal with the spirits until you can balance and control your mind and your emotions. At a bare minimum, you should have self control. You should know not to act reckless or harmful toward yourself or others. You should have a great sense of right and wrong. As I have said on numerous occasions, the spirits can see/sense our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and faults. Therefore, “familiarity breeds contempt.” What does this mean? Since the spirits are very familiar with you and your faults they, sometimes, will not respect you to the level that they should if you go to them in a weakened or low vibrational state. This does not mean that they will not help you nor does this mean that you have to be perfect. Of course, we all have our shortcomings and character flaws, however; there is a way to approach the spirits with confidence and faith.

If you think about it, we do the same thing on the human/physical level. We, sometimes, will not respect, listen to, or hold our family and friends to a certain level because we are familiar with their faults and shortcomings. We know too much about them. We love them but we may not hold them to a high standard. We tend to feel like and will say to ourselves, “who are they to say anything to me when they themselves don’t do what they are supposed to do?” So, familiarity breeds contempt” and because of this, we must be careful when speaking with and calling the spirits toward us.  We must also be careful when calling ancestors whose characters and behaviors are unknown to us.

When approaching the spirits or ancestors we must deal with them from an empowered, mature, clear, and strong position. We must know what we want. If we do not know what we want, how would they know how to help us? As well, we should not go to them confused as this could attract other spirits which can stir in more confusion, just for kicks.  Our heads should always to clear and senses sharp.  For the same reasons we should not drink and drive because alcohol or drugs can impair our senses, confusion impairs you and makes you vulnerable to negative spirit/ancestral influence. Therefore, you do not want to communicate with the spirits mentally or emotionally unstable. Again, if we are confused about what we want or what direction to go in or who we want to be with or what are needs are, then it makes it difficult for the ancestors and spirit guides to know how to help us. When dealing with your ancestors or spirit guides, you need to be clear, concise, and sure. Even if problems or drama is happening in your life, it is beneficial to go to them as if you are a problem solver. You should go to them with resolve and with the mission and tenacity for attacking your problem head on. Be direct in what your needs are and have goals that they can help you toward. Important, you can make a list of your wants and needs, and tackle them one at a time. If some of your desires are similar you can group them together, but be clear.

DO NOT leave it up to your ancestors or the spirits to do whatever they want for you, this is a grave mistake. You have to remember that they have personalities and characteristics just like us. Each spirit will have their own agendas, ways of doing things, and ideologies that may or may not be helpful or supportive to you. Sometimes, the ancestors and guides may have an idea of what is best for you when in actuality their idea can hold you back.

For instance, say you are asking for money because you are struggling. Now suppose your ancestors have the idea that money is bad, causes all kinds of problems, and is the root of all evil. This ancestor or group of ancestors could, potentially, block your prosperity, feeling that they are protecting you and keeping you out of harms way. They may feel that they are doing you a favor by keeping money out of your path for fear that someone may take your money, you may lose your money or you may be robbed or caused harm in some way; this is a typical way of thinking. Some ancestors will criticize, judge, hinder/block or bless you depending on their successes or failures. Many ancestors will bring their experiences into your life, however, just because something happened to them doesn’t mean it will happen to you. We do the same thing in the living. Just think about how overprotective you get over your children or family sometimes based on your experiences and fears – based on your successes or failures? Just think about how, sometimes, you have an idea about how something should go for your child or a family member – you interfere – only to find out later that your idea or interference wasn’t the best approach. Well, the ancestors are no different – they can be overprotective to a fault sometimes. Now on the flip side, if your ancestors know that you are irresponsible with money, they may block your money all because they know that you will blow it, any way. They may also block your money or your other desires if they feel that you will get distracted and fall of your path. However, this should not be their call, although, they hold lots of power in our lives. On the downside, an ancestor or group of ancestors may not want you to get ahead out of shear misery – they never had any money nor should you.  Dealing with the ancestors can be tricky, sometimes.

Why would the ancestors think this way?  Usually, when a person dies they die with the beliefs that they lived with while on Earth.  If a person believed in the living that there are white pearly gates when you go to heaven – then they will have the same belief on the other side.  If a person believed that money was bad in the living then they will have the same belief in death.

Now, think about the hundreds and thousands of ancestors whose DNA lives in your blood. Just imagine a lot of these ancestors with their own opinions, feelings, and ideas about how your life should go. It is important that you have your own ideas and plans about how your life should go and take a strong stand to create and manifest that which you desire. Making it clear to your ancestors that they are there to help you and guide you to be progressive and successful but this starts with your own attitude. You will want to make sure that you are on path with your destiny, allowing your soul/Ori to express itself. You will appeal to the ancestors to help you achieve your goals without any negative interference or hindrance on their part. This is important to remember.

When approaching the spirit realm you want them to know what your end goal is. You want them to know that you are serious and those ancestors that choose to help you will be rewarded as you are rewarded in the physical plane.

For instance, if you are looking for a job, you can explain to them that you need a job but you also need help from them in acquiring opportunities for obtaining a job. You also need to let your spirits know that you have a plan to network, look in newspapers, online, etc. You will ask them to remove any and all blockages or interferences in the way of you getting what you need. This is all provided that you are doing your part 100% in the human physical realm. If the spirits see that you are procrastinating, some timey, and half doing your job to look for employment they may only help you a little bit or not at all. If everything pans out, you can give them a thank you offering for their help.

The reason you need to take a strong stand with your spirits and ancestors is that you don’t want them to get the idea that they can boss you around. Many people, spiritualists, priests and priestesses have been taught the wrong way to communicate with their spirit guides and as a consequence the spirits are running the life of that person and it is not supposed to be that way.

Many do not realize that sometimes the ancestors are jealous and envious of the fact that we are still living and because of this they can act funny toward us. Just because we may do ancestor reverence in many forms – it doesn’t mean all our ancestors are nice to us. There are many people that are spiritual, religious, scholarly, priests and priestesses of a high order that feel and have said, “STOP!, calling the ancestors to you!” They say, “you should not call upon your ancestors or any spirit until you are absolutely in an empowered place of being and then and only then are you able to help the ancestors elevate to a point where they are beneficial to you and the family line.” They understand that when you call your ancestors toward you unprepared, you are inviting more trouble into your life. The downside is that the ancestors will come with all of their problems (mental, emotional, financial, and/or physical) exacerbating yours and they can complicate matters.

On the same token, many people hold on very tight to deceased loved ones. When you are very close to someone that dies it is extremely hard to let go. The downside is that when you don’t let go, the deceased cannot elevate. They cannot go on to do what they need to do for the evolution of their soul or yours in some instances. So for those of you holding on to your loved ones, you must TRY hard to let go. Letting go allows them to move forward and come back to visit you at a later time.  Another point to the downside is stated in the above paragraph, they can complicate things for you when you hold on to them. They need their freedom. Even though you may be holding on out of love, that love chains them causing both the living and the dead continued suffering. This is NOT good.

By now, some of you may be thinking, “what’s the positive to ancestor reverence?”  Well, asking this question would mean that you haven’t read my other articles or my book and you should do so.  There are two sides to every coin.  We live in a dualistic reality and therefore we live both polarities – positive and negative.  So of course, there is a positive and beneficial side to ancestral worship which many people from various cultures speak about all the time but this article is to speak about the other side that we don’t hear much about.

For those of us who follow nature-based spirituality and honor the ancestors through worship and reverence, understand that we do not do this to imprison the ancestors or have them to work for us. We revere them so that they can help us. It is a partnership. Helping us, helps them to elevate but it also lightens the load and helps to clear karma for the entire blood line. To those unfamiliar, there are rituals and ceremonies done by specialized Elders that can align the ancestors with the living so that they are helpful and not hurtful to the family line. It is known and common practice that it is essential to spiritually heal the ancestors before extensive communication takes place.

What should you know if you decide to communicate with the spirits and ancestors?

You should know that it is the living person who is supposed to be in charge and in command when communicating with spirit, however; many people do not know this. You, the living person, are in control, although, you may need the help of the ancestors. As commander in chief – you must act like it. When the spirits see you taking control of your life and handling your business to make things happen they will follow your example. It will require you to be firm and confident like I said.

In most cases, it will require you to address karmic issues that may be plaguing your life.

The other thing that you want to do is call on the highest Power possible. This can be the Creator, God. This can be the Orisa, your Ori/Higher Self, this can be other high vibrational ancestors, deities, divinities, or forces that have power over the dead – keeping them in line and in check. Of course, this is all done in a respectful manner. You don’t want the ancestors or guides to stick it to you out of spite. You will notice in my prayers that I pay homage and make mention of the Holy Ancestors, Heavenly Ancestors, Mighty Ancestors or Omnipotent Ancestors because I only want ancestors of wisdom, strength, power, courage, prosperity, abundance, and confidence to come forward. You want to work with the ancestors that are the “shakers and movers.” You want to work with ancestors that know how build and create; the ones that understand currency and trade. They can make things happen. They play no games.

The lower vibrational ancestors and spirits will bring problems and issues from the other side into your life. My spirits are teaching me that it is not always wise to call every ancestor unless there is a higher power to keep them in check and keep them from negatively impacting your life. In the living, we say, “misery loves company.” There are ancestors or spirits that love misery and will be attracted to family members that they can make miserable. There are ancestors who can try to bring you down. However, as we become more empowered we can gain more control over this. I don’t want to be mean but you may have loved your mother or your father, your brother or sister, or some other kin but it doesn’t mean that they should be around you in a weakened state nor should they be around you to add more issues. If your loved one was a control freak in life, most likely they would be trying to control you from the realm of the dead. And if you are hearing un-supportive voices in your head, dismiss them immediately – you have the power. As I said before, be strong – spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. This way, you can lessen the impact of psychic (spiritual) influence coming from the low vibrations of a negative or un-supportive ancestor.

Another point I would like to raise is that the memories of all our ancestors live within us. These are the good memories as well as the bad memories. These memories affect our genes from birth. It is scientifically proven that we suffer from those that walked before us. This is known as suffering from the sins of our forefathers. Many of the problems that we have in our lives are genetic and a direct result of how our ancestors once lived in the past, for good or bad. For instance, not only can we be predisposed to health issues that run in our genes, from family members dead or alive, but we can also inherit emotional problems, negative behaviors, and poor character traits.

For instance, we all know that glaucoma (eye problems) can be genetic but so can procrastination, lack of motivation, or poverty. Fear of success can be a genetic flaw as well. There are millions of examples.

Maybe you had an ancestor that was a liar, a cheat, a manipulator, a thief, or abuser. These are traits that can be passed on to the living. Some people feel stuck and in a rut and don’t know why. They may be legitimately trying their best but no matter what, things seem to fall short. This could be the result of bad genes.

Now, you as the living person can alter this by not allowing these energies to run your life. You must find ways to counteract and override the negative memories or programming that you are struggling with in your genes. In a lot of cases this will not be easy.

For instance, say genetically you have poor parenting skills, you can counteract this by learning how to better communicate instead of being abusive. You can learn better coping skills, and maybe psychology to understand why people do the things that they do.

Maybe poverty or money problems are genetic issues for you – you can counteract this by learning the meaning of money, what it means to have money, how to manage it, and adopting positive ways of thinking about money.

Relationship problems are common and can be a big problem genetically. There have been examples where all the women in a family line have man problems. This can be the result of bad memories in the genes coming from an ancestor who felt that the women in the family can do without a man. This ancestor could have been hurt or traumatize by a man and therefore feels the need to protect the women in the family line. Even worse, this ancestor didn’t have a man or happiness and feels that no one else deserves to be happy. Maybe a male ancestor felt guilty that he could not protect someone when he was alive and now this ancestor feels that the only way to protect the women is by keeping men away – a sort of cock blocking. There are hundreds of examples that I can give.

I want you to know that ancestral trauma is very real and many of us suffer from this energy coming from our genes everyday in some kind of way. There are many ways to counteract the pitfalls. The simplest way is to decide to break the negative patterns plaguing your life or your family. This works well for many people. Teach your children to break the patterns as well. For they have the same genes that you do. Other ways are to eat better, think positive, keep your vibration high, high, high, learn to control your emotions and re-educate yourself about health and money for example. Whatever you don’t know – teach yourself and learn.

A lot was said and I have given you much to think about. On a positive note: we have many supportive, nurturing, beautiful, uplifting, and wise ancestors that can help guide our steps and protect us well. These are the ancestors that you want to be around you.

Ancestor Veneration

Many people have heard of honoring one’s ancestors, but what does this really mean?  There is such a deeper and more beautiful meaning to ancestor or spirit veneration than what one may think from all the other broader and inferior meanings that we have been led to believe.  For one, ancestor veneration in many cases has been associated with voodoo, hoodoo, juju or some kind of craft that pertains to witchery.  In other instances, many people have felt an association to guilt or uncomfortable honoring their ancestors and spirits with candles and such, for they think that they are engaging in something wrong, however, this is so far from the truth that it is disheartening.

It is fact that our ancestors believed in life after death.  They believed that death was a continuation of life, just in another world – the invisible world.  From an African prospective, ancestor veneration served many purposes.  For one, many societies of Africa believed that the deceased not only needed proper funeral, burial, and cleansing rites but it was also very important that the deceased be freed or released from all bad deeds.  In these instances, friends, and relatives would gather around the body at the grave site and each person would recount all the bad deeds that the deceased did during their lifetime and after listening to all the misdeeds, they would all announce that they have forgiven him/her since he/she is now dead.

If the deed or the debt was financial in nature, a surviving family member would offer to pay off the debt.  This was all done to ensure a smooth and easy transition from the land of the living to the realm of spirit.  For it was the belief that since the deceased was totally cleansed and freed from bad deeds, he/she would have no other reason to linger in the lower realms to haunt or cause chaos amongst its’ family members or community.  On the contrary, the spirit would be happy and free to ascend to higher realms of obtaining supernatural powers that could be accessed and bestowed upon the family and the community during periodic spiritual visits from the deceased that would provide blessings, protection, long life, prosperity, good harvest, fertility, or whatever the desires, prayers and requests were from those still in the living.  Death was not only to morn, but it was a celebration of SPIRIT of continued life; a festive time of drumming, singing, dancing, drinking and eating – all to honor the dead for it is believed that to honor the ancestors is to honor your lineage, your culture, your roots and your self and is the first step to reclaiming your spiritual heritage.  Therefore, the ancestors were and still are to this day consulted by many for guidance, prayed to, venerated with rituals and are given offerings for their continued influence on the living by helping them to resolve their day-to-day problems.

It is my belief and my experience that there are lots of potential consequences for not giving proper ceremonial/death/funeral rites to the deceased or continuing to venerate them no matter what they did or did not do in life.  One of the consequences that we now suffer as a people is that we have become lost in so many ways, no thanks to colonization.  Slavery and the enforcement of Catholicism by Catholic missionaries almost totally succeeded in the annihilation of ancient traditional ceremonial ways through torture and every abuse unimaginable.  The breakdown of the family unit throughout slavery, especially for Black Americans, is so traumatic that it has affected millions of us on a cellular level even on the spiritual levels of death and birth (see the William Lynch Speech).  The breakdown and dysfunctions of the family structure has caused a ripple effect that has spilled over into the community, into greater society, and now even the world at large.  The curse of slavery still haunts many.  How are we going to save ourselves?  We may no longer be physically enslaved except for those jailed, but many of us are still mentally, emotionally, and financially enslaved!  We now have a dysfunctional living society that eventually turns into a dysfunctional deceased spirit society and who’s going to clean up the mess?  We are talking about a once strong community of cultural people who were almost totally annihilated over a four hundred plus year span from abuse, oppression, torment, and unjustifiable deaths.  What happened to all that bad energy?  In those times, who was going to perform the proper funeral, burial, and cleansing rites for all those dead souls?  How were they going to ensure that those unhappy and angry souls did not linger close to cause havoc on the world for all their sufferings?  Unfortunately, the answer was no one!  Our ancestors had major problems to deal with in just trying to survive day by day in an unfamiliar land and the dead, unfortunately in most cases became just a cherished memory.

Now, today there are millions of individuals who are raised in some congregation indoctrinated with man-made doctrines or Christian beliefs, whether Baptist, Methodist, A.M.E., Lutheran, Pentecostal, or Catholic but have now grown to adulthood somehow feeling as if there is something else calling to their soul.  One reason is that the traditions of the ancestors are deeply embedded in our blood, coded in our DNA, and is apart of our soul.  And the concept of church derived from those old ancestral traditions for which many of us can still feel the calling.  The slaves formed their own idea of “church” from cleverly orchestrating special meetings gathered either in the denseness of the woods or pretending to have “church”, in this way keeping the “Masta” in the dark, allowing themselves to discreetly and safely practice their traditions in hiding.  While attending these special meetings, they were able to create songs encoded with secret messages, maintain devotion and receive spirit messages through preaching, lying on of hands and receiving a form of spirit possession that involved shouting, dancing, and speaking in foreign languages better known as “speaking in tongues”.  Today, many view this as a manifestation of receiving the Holy Ghost.  However, these old African spirituals, rituals and traditions, concepts of nature, spirit and ancestor veneration is fighting to survive but through our DNA.  And because of such, you can sense that something else is calling to your spirit outside of all the conveniences and comforts that modern day society has awarded you.  And even with the freedom that science and technology has provided as a society, you are increasingly unhappy, increasingly unsatisfied and even more unfulfilled than your predecessors could ever imagine.  For many of you, it is a feeling of incompleteness and an emptiness that at one time or another you thought you could escape by using alcohol or drugs, or by obtaining wealth, sex, power, marriage, family, or love from some other individual whether it be the opposite or same sex.  You know that you live in a perverted society that is plagued with sexual overtones, famine, disease, crime, and illness.  The family structure is breaking down, communities are breaking down and even the earth is breaking down.  Though people surround you, still you feel lost, confused and alone.  You reach out, but you see nothing, you feel nothing.  You search for answers, for solutions – but nothing.  No one can help and you try everything physical and material within your power, but the void is still there.  Even with all of this, you continue to feel that something is calling to your spirit sending you on a path-finding journey of fulfillment.

Now, to answer the call of the spirit, the inner guide, many people are broadening their beliefs and education of spiritual systems from around the world.  And many do not understand or realize that it is the SOUL that is searching for THE spiritual home that will bring it peace.  With the help of the Ancestors, one can now find that peace or at least work toward the inner peace that their soul can call home.


Ancestral Healing

Now, in my continued search to further validate my point about the importance of ancestor veneration amongst various cultures, I came across another article online written by David Furlong called “Healing Your Ancestral Patterns” where he talks about the need to grab every opportunity to heal the family lines (ancestor lineage) because we are all linked to the universe through our ancestry.  In this article, Mr. Furlong enlightens us with an excerpt from a book called “Karma and Reincarnation” by Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, Head Priest of the Shinto Tamamitsu sect of Japan which states:

“The parent/child connection manifests as one link in a long chain of ancestral karma that stretches back through time.  Your link to your family allows you to be born into that specific line – it is a link that needs to be understood and respected.  In this modern scientific age it is very difficult for people to accept the fact that they are responsible to their ancestors, that they are actually liable for the actions of their ancestors if the resulting karma has not yet been dissolved.  Many find it absurd to think that the actions of an unknown ancestor could possibly have anything to do with what is happening to them today.  But time and time again when investigating someone’s karma, I find problems that stretch back generations.  Their spirit is not just an individual entity, it is also part of the family spirit that births and nurtures it.”

Even in the bible, Numbers 14:18, there is reference to us as children suffering for the sins of our forefathers even unto the third and fourth generations clearly suggesting how integral the ancestors are to our lives and how we must learn and teach prayer and sacrifice including the giving of ourselves to keep us in harmony with our lineage.  This article further makes it clear that many cultures, both sophisticated and primitive, pay a great deal of attention to the ancestral family line proving that this form of veneration is one of the most widespread of all religious belief systems.

Many people venerate all of their ancestors without any emotional problems or hang ups but there are some who find it uncomfortable or they feel bitter about giving veneration to ancestors that have been abusive in some way or another whether emotionally, physically, sexually, and/or verbally.  Know that you have the right to NOT honor these ancestors.  While in many cases, it is understandable why someone may not want to venerate an ancestor that has caused harm to him/her or to another loved one, it is my plea to keep in mind that you must TRY TO forgive.  The forgiving is to bring healing to yourself but not in a way that makes you feel the blame.  Of course, it is up to you and what makes you comfortable.  I know this is easier said than done but when we forgive, we heal ourselves.  Many times, ancestors who have done wrong in life will seek light and prayer from you, wanting forgiveness, wanting repentance, and wanting to give, help, and do for you on the other side what they did not get to do in life, all because they have transitioned through “the light of understanding” and have come to realize their mistakes now that they reside on the other side.  If you can find it in your heart to pray for your ancestors who have done wrong, then great, it not, then you must do what makes you comfortable.

When praying to your ancestors, first you want to call upon their names (if known).  Call upon seven names from your paternal side and seven names from your maternal side.  If you do not know their names, then just say, “I call upon all my ancestors from the blood lines of the mother and father whose egg and sperm united to conceive me”.  This is a great statement to say for those who are adopted and don’t know their biological ancestors.  Ask your ancestors with true power to come forth.  Ask your ancestors with true knowledge and wisdom to step forth.  Ask your ancestors of great wealth to come forward.  Ask your ancestors of courage and strength to be with you.

[If you choose to pray for an ancestor that has caused harm to you or a loved one, you can say a brief prayer that you forgive them and that you pray for the soul of {name of person} to elevate and find the light, peace, and love in God that he or she needs that will bring peace to you, your family, and your home.  Also you will want to pray that the negative energies of abuse never cause anyone else any harm.  Ask the good spirits and your soul guardians to further you and your loved from future mental, physical and/or emotional damage.]

Either way, we need to pray for healing, for both the deceased, for ourselves and for generations to come so that we can alleviate as many dysfunctional and abusive patterns as possible so that they will cease and will no longer plague any member of the family line, directly or indirectly.  On another note, we also need to pray for ancestral healing from karmic energy.  Many of us have heard of karmic energy that affects an individual singly but multiple family members as a whole can also carry the same karmic energy, whether negative or positive.  From a negative aspect, I am sure that you can think of at least one family that just cannot get it together – they struggle and suffer for many reasons.   These families can carry a karmic energy of sickness, poverty, death, or even mental illness.  While in other families; drugs and judicial problems are prevalent.  Some would even view this type of energy as a generational curse.

Through ancestor veneration and healing, whether through prayers, rituals, or ceremonies we can work on healing the family and our ancestors in the spirit realm so that they can help us to heal in the living for a better way of living.  For this reason, I have written an “Ancestral Healing Prayer” that can be said at your altar or at any time that you get the feeling to help not just the deceased but yourself in the healing process.


by Aladokun

I offer light and pour libation with respect and honor for all my ancestors whose names I know (say all the names that you know) and all the ones I don’t know to uplift and liberate their soul(s) in the name and light of the Almighty God.  For it is through the love, the will, and the power of God that all souls are saved.

I offer prayer and protection by way of the Divine Creator for those ancestral souls and spirits that are in darkness, forgotten, or lost.  Let the light I offer fade out the shadows of fear and guide them toward the arms of God and to a higher cause.

I offer guidance to my ancestors and spirits by way of the Guardian Angels and Protective Spirits who by the power and order of God will assist them in their greater act of evolution.  Let the light I offer be a “beacon of hope” and serve as an escape and protective shield from the shadows of despair.

I offer love, compassion, and comfort to those ancestral souls and spirits that are suffering and depressed.  Let the light I offer lead them from discord and the miseries of their souls to the sanctuary of God and the joys of heavenly bliss.

I offer healing by way of the Supreme Being on all spiritual levels for those ancestors and spirits who were abused, afflicted, deceived, enslaved, hated, lonely, misguided, neglected, oppressed, pained, saddened, traumatized, and died tragically.  Let the light I offer to their souls inspire clemency, liberation, faith, love and harmony from today onward.

I offer forgiveness to the ancestral souls and spirits that want to repent, sincerely, for the error of their ways in both realms of life and death.  Let this light guide them to the truth, enlightenment and righteousness of God.

In addition, I forgive those ancestors and spirits that committed wrongs that have set their generational line “us that are living” in barrenness.  And I forgive those ancestors whose past sins I’ve had to suffer as a result of their own naivety, ignorance and inferior habits and traits.  Let the light I offer serve as a reminder for us in the living to acknowledge and learn not to make the same mistakes as the ones who lived before us.

In every way, I forgive those ancestors and spirits who need it most so that their souls will embrace in positive gratification a new and improved way of living in the spirit realm and that those souls will elevate in peace and awaken to eternal life as God promised.

In the name of God and through his mercy and blessings, let today be the beginning of a continual healing process for all my ancestral guides and release of all blocked and negative genetic energy patterns within the generational line steadily healing each family member including myself day-by-day.  As you, the Ancestors heal on the other side, we ask that you forgive us as you have been forgiven and help us to heal with free flowing positive and progressive energy for the better well-being of all concerned.

In God’s name we pray and may the Light, Power, and Peace of God be with us always.  And so it was spoken and so it will be!

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What is an Ancestor?

african man kneel

What is an ancestor or who can be considered an ancestor?  Traditionally “ancestors” are viewed as departed blood relatives: parents, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  However, depending on the culture, the definition of ancestor has many meanings.  In some cultures you cannot be considered an ancestor unless you have lived a good standing, morally correct life.  In other cultures, women are not considered ancestors at all.  However and generally speaking for most, “ancestor veneration” or “ancestor worship” (meaning to maintain an on-going relationship with those who have departed) is not only a tradition shared amongst our Afrikan brothers and sisters, but the concept has existed through almost every known culture including various parts of Afrika, the Pacific, South American, Indonesia, certain parts of India and Indochina, even among those of Islamic or Christian faiths.

Even Jewish people have been known to light candles and say special prayers honoring their family member’s anniversary of death.  And in celebration of All Soul’s Day, many honor the dead by putting gifts, flowers and food on the graves of their family members for it is believed that once death occurs, the physical body is left to decay and the soul transits into the realm of spirit where such spirit continues to live as an ancestor or a spirit guide.  In many instances, the living will leave money, cloths, animals, and messages at grave sites of their deceased relatives in hopes that the deceased might use these things on their journey.  In addition, many cultures will honor the dead with festivals, drumming, singing, dancing, and drinking for it is believed that to honor our ancestors is to honor our lineage and our roots and this is the first step to reclaiming our spiritual heritage.  Therefore, the ancestors are consulted for guidance, prayed to, venerated with rituals and are given offerings for their continued influence on the living by helping them to resolve their day-to-day problems.

Because so many cultures, primarily outside of the United States, believe that the invisible world plays such an enormous part in every day life, it is custom and is extremely important to pay a great deal of attention to the dead and the ancestral family.  I think we all can agree that death is a universal fact and is the inevitable end of all human life.  However, in many cultures, life does not just end there.  The soul continues on, just, in another form (spirit) and in another world.  It is also believed by many that the dead are reborn into family members so that they can finish whatever business they were not able to finish while on earth and for these reasons a great deal of concern, care, time, and money is spent on proper burial rites.  From the preparation of the body all the way through to the prayers, ceremonies, and sacrifices given to help ensure that the deceased is satisfied and appeased for an easy transition from the land of the living to the land of the dead.  For it is believed that if proper funeral rites are not performed for the deceased, the spirit of the dead person will become a ghost to roam the world without peace, lost and confused with the abilities to harm and haunt people and relatives until it gains attention and proper acknowledgment of the proper burial rights, prayers, offerings, or ceremonies that will bring contentment to its soul.

In Afrika, the ancestors are called “egungun” and they, too, believe in the continued existence of the ancestors in the life of the living.  They believe that there is a the link between the dead and the living and that the egungun represents ancestral spirits that periodically return from heaven to visit and commune with the living during a 7-day festival where honor is given and sacrifices are offered at shrines specifically set for the ancestor spirits.

How important is ancestor reverence?  Lets see, try to put yourself in the shoes of your ancestors.  If you were an ancestor and your family members and friends were to just forget about you, how would you feel?  If you were alone, lost, and confused in the spirit realm and there was no one person praying for you or giving you light so that you could find your way, what would you do?  If you wanted to save someone or help them to better their life and they just ignored your messages, would you give up?  If you wanted forgiveness or just wanted know that you were still loved, and there was no one to show you some attention and your efforts were ignored, wouldn’t you feel alone and abandoned?  And God forbid, but, if you were ill and approaching death or you died suddenly, how important would it be to you that someone, even if one person, were to remember you?

Ancestor veneration is important because your ancestor’s memories continue to live inside of you, flowing through your blood.  Their memories, over time, become etched into your DNA.  These memories in many cases will continue to manifest (show up) in your life whether for good or bad.  What is deemed good or bad will depend on the issue or circumstance that is influencing you or your family.  Many people do not realize that their suffering or good fortune in many cases is a direct result of their ancestor’s past thoughts, behaviors and/or actions.  Simply put — just because a family member dies doesn’t mean that their energies are forever gone.

For instance:  if the ancestor was a great person, their good energies will continue to flow through the living family spreading goodness.  But if the ancestor lived a troublesome life, their bad energies could negatively impact an entire generation.   Sometimes an ancestor’s power (influence) is so strong that it could operate against your will — for better or worse.  In some cases, the ancestor’s interference can appear to bad or a hindrance but in actuality the ancestor may be trying to protect you from ill fate.   This is very common in issues of money where many of our ancestor’s believed strongly that “money is the root to all evil”.  In this case the ancestor will block your money believing that they are saving you from some type of ill fate, devastation, heart ache, or problems attached to having money.  Of course their are many reasons why your money could be blocked especially if the negative energy is coming from your own thinking but if your ancestor believes “mo’ money – mo’ problems” and that people get hurt over money, then they will block your cash flow for fear that you may suffer in some way.  In cases like this, you could opt to commune regularly with your ancestors asking them to bring blessings, explaining to them what your plans are for having money.  You could also ensure them that they do not have to worry because you are responsible and safe, that you will not brag or boast, and that you have protective measures in place for being able to store large sums of money, etc.  There are other ways to unblock the ancestors using traditional or modern methods but is is just a simple hypothetical example.

Because the ancestors have such powerful influence over the living, you can see why many cultures find it important to honor the ancestors and why they place so much emphasis on maintaining a positive relationship with the ancestor spirits.  You can also see why ancestral healing would be extremely important for healing family and community dysfunction.

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