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Some of these spirits are in the bardo, who have no control over their minds, wander aimlessly like vagrants. This is a very sad and unfortunate situation. They are generally untrained in the laws of the spiritual world and as a result, they have no true idea as to their true predicament.

These bardo spirits utter to themselves, What is going on here? Where am I? How did I end up like this? The sky is always grey, with no daylight or darkness to mark the day. Where exactly is this place?

During the bardo state, a spirit may see his own corpse lying in the hospital and exclaim in shock, `I am dead!` The spirit usually cries, feels despair, and suffers in pain.

The deceased usually searches first for his home, his family, his place of work and his favorite things.

However, the deceased will learn that everyone is unable to see or hear him. His home, his office, and his favorite things no longer belong to him, and he is left with no place to call home. Yet the deceased also discovers that he has gained a certain ability in the bardo state. He finds that his body is more refined than the physical body and he can move freely through all obstacles, much like spiritual traveling. He can roam at will through any rocks, earth, houses, as well as mountains and rivers with ease, with the exception of holy places. He can be anywhere by just thinking about it.

He can see other bardo spirits similar to himself. These spirits will often learn to move in packs. If the bardo spirits have some spiritual development, they can observe the celestial planes and see divine beings. However, most spirits in the bardo are rather lost and confused in their mind and could settle only in the second dimensional worlds.

Some of the bardo spirits are attached to their physical bodies and hence become corpse-bound ghosts. Others are attached to their graves and then become graveyard ghosts. Some spirits are attached to their homes and thus become home-bound ghosts. Then there are those who are attached to their spouses and consequently become spouse-guarding spirits. Still others are attached to their wealth and therefore become wealth-holding spirits. Some are attached to their children and become child-guarding spirits. These cases signify a further degeneration for these spirits in the bardo planes.

I have also observed that some bardo spirits attach themselves to the bodies of their romantic partners, while others cling to those they hate. Some have chosen to attach themselves to statues and idols. These instances are known commonly as spirit possessions (these are attaching spirits).

Some bardo spirits are known to have a craving for sleep, and are always sleeping. Hence they become sleep-addiction ghosts. Other examples are wilderness ghosts, tree ghosts, water ghosts, blood-thirsty ghosts, swift-moving ghosts, fragrance-consuming ghosts, sea-settling ghosts, lust-craving ghosts, meat-eating ghosts, dreaming ghosts, ghosts with magical powers, impure ghosts, human energy-stealing ghosts, alcoholic ghosts, gambling-addiction ghosts, etc.

These attaching spirits are the cause of more than 80% of all the mental, emotional, and physical suffering found in this world. Since we cannot see them, we take them for granted. Unfortunately, this profound spiritual ignorance allows this situation to become worse year after year.” by Dr. Mitchell Gibson

alex grey artist

alex grey artist

Are you wondering, what can you do to limit the affects of spirit attachment?

There’s plenty that we all can do. First, I think that we have to acknowledge that we are constantly influenced by spirits and other energies especially mentally and emotionally for good and for bad. People have to stop denying and/or pretending that the spirit world does not exist!  On many occasions our thoughts are not our own and we take on thoughts and feelings that do not belong to us. Perfect example, millions are influenced by subliminal advertising ads – someone else is putting these thoughts into their minds and influencing their feelings to buy things they don’t even need. Because many people don’t TRULY know themselves, they tend to believe that every thought or feeling is their own but it is not. This is particularly true for children who haven’t developed enough of their own personality and character to be able to distinguish the difference. Spirits are constantly placing thoughts into the minds of the people.  There are millions of people unknowingly being vampirized by spirits all the time.  Therefore, you must analyze your thoughts and feelings to know if it’s truly YOU or are you being invaded by outside sources.

In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do to avoid spirit attachment is to keep your vibration high. Lower vibrational beings will not be able to attach to you if your vibration is high. Lower vibrational beings (wandering or lost spirits) will only attach to those individuals in which it finds something in common. A depressed spirit will attach to a depressed individual because there is something in common. A negative spirit will sexually violate a woman in her sleep because her will and self confident is low, she has left herself vulnerable on some level, the spirit sees this and takes advantage. These spirits attach to our weaknesses and our vulnerabilities. I think the main issue is that people do not understand how spirits attach in the first place. They attach to your aura and feed off your conscious and unconscious thoughts. They feed off of negative thoughts/feelings, even old feelings, traumas, and fears. Some of these things are in the subconscious that you may not necessarily remember but the energy or frequency of that old pain still exists therefore a spirit can attach to it.

Maintaining your ORI, keeping yourself spiritually clean – using plants/herbs that build the aura, staying positive, being in prayer, listening to quality music, meditations, and studying spirit – all these things can help.  You must study spirit and continue developing and strengthening yourself so you can discard anything that attempts to attach itself to you. Also using vibrational tools like tuning forks are extremely beneficial in quickly raising vibrations. I teach a course on this as well. Mantras and inspiring songs are good, too. Even with all this, the most effective is the state of your mind – your consciousness. Build your mind. Learn to control your thoughts and your emotions. Once people realize that they are not in total control of their lives and are apart of a bigger universal picture and all things are one in the same, they can have a happier, healthier, and spiritually strong and rewarding life.

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