Aladokon’s Mystic Shop & Online Botanica has specialty items for practitioners of Metaphysics and Nature-Based Spiritual Systems such as Santeria, Voodoo and Hoodoo, White Magick and Black Magick.

There are a variety of online botanicas that sell spiritual supplies and great religious products, however, Aladokun’s Mystic Shop & Online Botanica are filled with unique handmade products that will enhance your spirit arsenal and magical collection.

Aladokun says, “For many years I wondered what makes a religious product spiritual.  With a few exceptions, the majority of oils for candle magic, bottled cleansing baths, and floor washes are made only with water or oil, artificial coloring, and fragrance.  I am not putting down any of these products for they have been around for a long time and I have used them in my early spiritual years with success.  But I feel that the flavor and flare of the true and old traditions are gone.  There was a certain kind of energy and spirit of older times that made traditional spells and potions very powerful.  I personally feel that this spirit is missing in the products of current times.

Because of our present culture of quick fixes, it appears that the new spiritualist and veterans alike have opted for artificial and cheap spiritual products not knowing that there are more powerful options for spiritual success.  Of course, more power means more money but this is only the perception.  It’s a fact that artificial products are “dead” energy and have no life, so why not spend a little more and buy quality, powerful, and spirit-filled products full of life force energy that will save you time, energy, and money thereby bringing you quicker success.  When you try my products, you will notice the difference.”

What makes Aladokun’s spiritual supplies and products different?

After working with the ancestors and nature spirits for many, many years Aladokun learned her greatest lessons from the ancestors and the spirit realm.

She says, “I’m totally clear that nature is the ultimate healer of all life.  For human kind, the healing powers of nature are unsurpassed.  Therefore, it is my belief that if we want to change our lives for the better then we need mother earth and her children, the plant kingdom, to help us accomplish our greatest goals of health, success, prosperity, and abundance.”

Therefore, Aladokun brings her spiritual experiences partnered with nature to bring the highest quality in vibrational spiritual products online.  Elements and properties of Mother Earth are included in all products.  Crystals, metals, and minerals are included in the pendants.  Plants, herbs, and/or bark are included in the magic oils and spiritual bath kits.  Products are made with all natural ingredients except where noted.  Your ancestors and spirit guides will love these products because there is something in them that they will be attracted to and recognize – life force energy.  All spirits LOVE energy – the more the better.  Aladokun’s products are ALIVE with POSITIVE SPIRIT-FILLED ENERGY and this is the difference!

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