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“Divination serves as a kind of road map to your life’s path and even your destiny.  It is the practice used to reveal accurate, hidden information or truth about the past, present, and future by psychic, or what are believed to be supernatural, means.  Through the process of divination, people with special abilities interpret messages from various realms of the spirit world.”1


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Aladokun’s spiritual readings are honest and straight-forward.  She uses her intuitive abilities to connect to the spirit world to access information about your issues, provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.  You will leave your session feeling hopeful and empowered.

Intuitive counseling sessions (psychic spiritual readings) are given by Aladokun in a positive and professional manner without doom and gloom tactics.  In this psychically charged session you will feel safe, knowing that all the information you receive will help lead you to a more positive life.  The information given in your reading is held in the strictest of confidence.

“Credible and serious diviners, mediums, and spiritualists do not use their faculties in trivial or frivolous ways.  They give the utmost sincere respect to their faculties and the advice given to them from the realms of spirit.  In their eyes, divination is a sacred tool.  True diviners are professionals who have yielded to their destinies and surrendered themselves to the will of the universe, receiving energy and messages that will help them, their families, their clients, and their community as a whole.”

How is information revealed from the spirit world?

Information is revealed in several ways: you may receive spirit guidance about how to reach your goals and desires; you may gain insight to prevent, change, or avoid future problems; you could receive guidance about love, marriage, or children; insight can come in about your spirituality; and lastly, your session could include messages from your personal spirit guides and loved-ones who died – they love dropping in on reading.

Diviners, mediums, and spiritualists will open their faculties and use their sacred diving tools (like shells, bones, tarot cards, i-ching, Ifa, etc.) to tap into and connect to the spirit world.  Aladokun uses her natural abilities plus she may use tarot cards and the I-Ching for additional meaning, direction, and guidance.

          “…Information is not revealed to you through the spirit realm to hurt you, even though the information itself may be hurtful. The elevated and intelligent spirits only tell things that are going to help you and put you in a better position in life, and sometimes this shift is not pleasant. Working with spirit becomes important in the sense that it helps you make a conscious effort to take control of your life— whether it is purging negative energy or attracting positivity into your life. But above all, common sense should prevail, especially in delicate situations; so if your mate/partner is no good, accept that fact and, if possible, find a constructive way to let go and move onward. If your job is making you miserable, then get the strength to switch to something better, but don’t leave your current job until you have something else lined up. A part of common sense is to plan and be strategic in your maneuvers in order to place yourself in the best possible situation. You don’t want to create a whole new set of undesirable and unnecessary circumstances only because you do not have the patience to plan a way out. But if a situation needs to be accelerated, then you do what you gotta do. Thus, if any of us truly want guidance and help, we must trust and let go of all the things that hurt or stagnate us and cause drama in our lives.

          …The beautiful thing about divination is that it can reveal many things—misfortunes/losses, illnesses and many other health problems, undesired circumstances, or destructive patterns that can develop in life. As well divination can reveal the blessings, goodness, wealth, prosperity, health, wellness, and children in your life…  The diviner or medium can assess the situation at hand and, through a higher power, recommend how to deal with a positive or negative issue. Through this revelation, we get the opportunity to change our goals, focus, thinking, or even circumstances through what we call ebbo (a sacrifice) or an adimu (offering) to the higher powers and ancestors.  In some spiritual systems this is done in the form of ritual or spiritual work.

          …It is important to realize that conditions and circumstances can and do change. Sometimes the messages revealed through divination may stand true only for the present time or for a short period of time, which can sometimes be based on your current mode of thinking or how soon you take action regarding the impending circumstance. The whole purpose of divining is to find and possibly fix the problem or problems from the root. The process of healing or curing your circumstances starts with YOU recognizing your own patterns of mental, emotional, or physical behaviors that may continue to obstruct your paths.”1

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  • Try to be open and relaxed before your reading.  This makes for easier spirit contact.
  • Let the medium know when they are correct.  Don’t try to confuse them.  Be fair.  There are many fake spiritualist who will try and fish for information from a client.  They have no true gift and they will ask the client a stream of questions until they hit the one that pertains their situation.  Gifted spiritualists and diviners will not do this.  They will interpret spirit information from the spirit world or from their sacred tools.  However, there are times when other spirits and energies will cause interference and the information becomes unclear. When you acknowledge and validate the information to be correct, the diviner can tune in to get clearer and sharper messages.
  • If you have questions, think about them and meditate on them before the meeting. Give the spirits ample time to get an answer. No spirit claims to have all the answers especially spur of the moment.  If you have pictures – you can email them or bring them when coming in-person.
  • Be on time for your appointment as a courtesy. Readings can be done in-person or by telephone. Call for an appointment, day and time.
  • So-called divinations and spiritual readings for entertainment purposes are one thing, but for the serious client, divination offers guidance and resolution to many pressing questions, particularly in the face of impossible circumstances. With so much at stake, it is important for a client to investigate the credibility of the diviner.  Unfortunately, too many people have been deceived by psychics, priests and priestesses, witches, spiritualists, and shamans who claim to have special gifts and powers of prophecy when their main intentions were and are to misuse, abuse, and take advantage of the vulnerable. Do not be afraid to ask questions, but at the same time, understand that the diviner may not be able to reveal everything—such as the secrets of their profession.  Just know that you should feel some level of comfort regarding the answers. You should have an underlying feeling of recognition and confirmation, for on some level, you have known the truth all along.
  • Clients seeking assistance should be open-minded about the direction and advice given about their lives while knowing that they are in control to make their own decisions. However, there are diviners or mediums who misuse their faculties for control, harm, monetary gain, or instilling fear, just to become perpetrators of spiritual abuse. If you feel you are the victim of such a person, you should quickly seek help elsewhere.
  • Most clients have the tendency to take to heart what a diviner has said and will hold the diviner to his or her exact words, which sometimes can cause misunderstandings.  Therefore, it is highly important for a diviner to choose words carefully, and if you as the client do not understand something in a reading, you should definitely clarify any misunderstandings or misinterpretations before your reading session is over.
  • Be prepared to change.  Ask yourself, “am I willing to do what is necessary to make a difference in myself – in my life?”
  • It is important for you as the client to understand that the rules and processes for accessing information from the realm of spirit are different from system to system and from diviner to diviner.  So there is no need to compare – spiritualist have different divining styles and spiritual abilities.
  • Manage your expectations!  Be realistic about what to expect from a diviner.  Diviners are not psychic or available 24/7.  They are not mind readers per say and although some diviners can increase your opportunity to win at games of chance they cannot give lotto numbers.  Diviners or spiritualist cannot solve ALL your problems.  Do not expect your issues to be solved overnight as they were not created overnight.
  • Do not be one of those clients that like to change the meaning of the messages being given to them.  This type of client will process the information in a way that is damaging to their progress.  They will hear what they want to hear because they may be in denial about the situation, they may have insecurities, they may have been through traumatic situations, or they may have a fear of losing something or someone of sentimental value.  This type of client will also attempt to change the meaning of a spiritual message simply because the truth hurts.
  • Remember, information is not revealed to you through the spirit realm to hurt you, even though the information itself may be hurtful. The elevated and intelligent spirits only tell things that are going to help you and put you in a better position in life, and sometimes this shift is not pleasant.
  • If you, the client, truly want guidance, it will benefit you to open yourself to the truth (of course, this assumes the information has been given to you in a constructive manner). For instance, if it is revealed through divination that your mate is cheating, this does not mean you should go home and try to harm that person, because clearly you will have a whole new set of negative circumstances to deal with if you react inappropriately. As hard as it may be, it just means that you will need to reevaluate your relationship to attempt to mend it, or find the strength to move on to a more positive situation, which in many cases may require some strategic planning.
  • Lastly, BE EASY.  Relax and take some time to process and soak in all the information.  Aside from the remedies and suggestions given in your reading, start thinking about ways you can empower yourself – continuing to make things better for yourself each and every day.

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