spiritual cleansing bathThe importance and purpose of a spiritual bath or spiritual cleansings in general is to cleanse the aura, your spiritual body and personal belongings of negative debris. An aura is an invisible field of energy that surrounds the physical body. A matter of fact, everything in the universe is composed of energy and has an energy field, an aura that surrounds it. Auras are uniquely different from person to person, from place to place, or object to object depending on its vibration, frequency of energy, or its character traits.

As humans, we leave traces and imprints of our energy everywhere we go, stand, sit, sleep, touch and eat. This is why it is extremely important to cleanse items or the space that once belonged to someone else; apartments, cars, clothing, jewelry, offices, etc., because you do not want to have to deal with the negative affects of someone else’s energy.

Spiritual cleansing baths are prepared to lift, remove, and drive away unwanted malevolent or negative energy; mending and removing all that is not serving your highest interest or divine purpose. The same way you wash bacteria, dirt, debris, oils, and sweat from your physical body; your spiritual body, home, and belongings must be cleansed from dirty energy that can negatively affect you on a daily basis.

For instance, you can get a good or bad vibe about a person that you have meet, a room you have entered, a place you are visiting, or an object that you’ve touched. Some vibrations will give you the creeps, other “vibes” will raise your intuitive antenna, and some vibrations will make you feel good, warm, and fuzzy. Auric vibrations will cause you to either react positively or negatively to a particular person, place or thing depending on the ambiance of the energy it emanates.

Kirlian PhotographyYour aura is one of kind, like a fingerprint, completely unique in its expression because your spiritual body retains information on every soul experience and contains information about your state of being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Think of your aura as an invisible force field that surrounds your body. When you are optimistic, living happily and your life feels stable, your force field is strong making it difficult for negative energies to penetrate and affect your physical being and your outlook on life. But when you feel bad, broke with no money, confused, depressed, down on our luck, ill, having relationship issues, stressed, going through life crisis or experiencing a tragic situation, the aura is substantially weakened allowing many things, mainly unseen, to attack and damage the spiritual body.  When your aura is damaged negative spirits, envy, jealously, witchcraft and other negative things can make a bad situation worse.

Most people are not aware that their aura can be damaged, blocked, and distorted; clogged with negative and inharmonious energies that are picked up in every day life. After much neglect, your spiritual body becomes “beaten” with breaks, holes, rips, tears, and areas of dark or stagnant energy caused by traumas, emotional, physical, mental, psychic, or spiritual disorders. And although the human body, both physical and spiritual, was designed to heal itself, it is often unable to because of the stresses of modern day living, environmental toxins, electromagnetic radiations, frustrations, negative social interactions, poor judgments, surrounding conditions, and unhealthy habits resulting in the need for major healing and repair work.

Spiritual cleansing baths are usually culturally, hand prepared with fresh green herbs, plants, fragrance perfumes, and powders specifically prepared to bring blessings of opportunity, to remove negative energy, to alleviate a particular problem, and to uplift the spiritual and physical body of the person being helped.

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