Rules of Aladokun Spiritual Ethics

Rules of Aladokun Spiritual Ethics

Over the many years of practicing spirituality there has been a myriad of differences amongst spiritual leaders (elders), each with their own set of morals and spiritual codes of ethics.  What is deemed unacceptable by one spiritualist may be acceptable by another.  Clients get very confused about what is right and what is wrong.  The standard for excellence truly is a personal mindset.  However, we (at Aladokun’s Haven) follow what is right by our spiritual guides and ancestors.

There’s no criticism or judgments on our part toward any client.  We understand that every person came into this world with a mission and each person’s journey will be different.  The client’s journey will be filled with good deeds, bad deeds, or both.  Each person has different needs, life lessons, trials, and tribulations to experience.  We can not judge anyone.  However, there are a few basic rules that we personally follow when working with clients.

  • Asking for guidance – Before I accept your case or take on any type of ritual work, as a priestess, I must first ask my guides permission.  If my guides do not give me permission and they say NO, then it’s NO.  I will not go against them.  This is for the benefit of both parties.  All spiritual relationships are not created equal.  Do not take it personal, I may not be the right spiritualist for you.
  • Do no harm – I will not do any type of spiritual work that will bring harm against another.  If you feel that you are being attacked, then it is my first option to render spirits, spells and witchcraft powerless.  However and when necessary, I will do ritual works required to banish, protect, repel, and reverse evil or harm being sent by spirits or other people.  If someone happens to get hurt in the process it would only come from energies returning back to the initiator.
  • Spiritual wars – I will not engage in any type of war on your behalf.  However, ritual works of defense may be absolutely necessary and appropriate.
  • Break-ups – I will not destroy a marriage or relationship “just because” you want to pursue the spouse or partner of another.  If there are circumstances that warrant a breakup then we will look into the situation deeper and proceed from there.
  • Cursing or hexing – My spirit guides will not allow me to curse anyone even if they are an enemy.  Enemies are, often, present in our lives to teach us our greatest lessons; how else would we become victorious.  There’s no need to curse them, but we will defeat them by means prescribed by our spirit guides.  Instead, we will curse ourselves with great wealth, health, and abundance of all great things.
  • Forcing love – I will not engage in any type of ritual forcing someone to love you against their will.  However, if the spirit guides indicate that there is an opportunity to nurture a relationship into being and a chance for that relationship to work out, we can work toward that goal but only if you as the client engage in relationship counseling, with me, as apart of your spiritual session.
  • Sexual favors and incestPlease do not ask for this type of ritual.  I will not engage in any type of ritual forcing someone to have sex with you, especially relatives.  Incestuous relationships (sex between relatives and close family members) are taboo and forbidden for me to work as a priestess.

Additional Rules Of Conducting Business With Aladokun

 Make sure you agree to them before we accept your case.

We are extremely serious and strict about the rules.

Secrecy.  This is the most important element in successful ritual and spiritual work.  Bottom line, telling others will create interference in your work.  We have seen it over and over again, ritual work failing or taking longer all because the client couldn’t follow or respect the rule of secrecy.  Therefore, you are not going to tell anyone, absolutely anyone, including your best friend, mother, sister, or brother that you ordered certain work from us. It is only and strictly between you and us.

Faith.   Confidence and faith in your ritual work and in us is needed for favorable results.  If you don’t believe in it or us – we don’t want to help you. It’s very simple.  “A heart that scorns at faith creates thick layers of ice around the soul.”  This means that without faith, nothing will work and you will be wasting our time and your money.  If you want to believe in it, or you do and have faith – then we can work together.

Trust.   We recommended that you use your common sense and discernment when paying money to anyone for any type of service.  However, we want you to know that we are here to empower and to build harmony, respect, and trust during our relationship.  The Golden Rule, “Treat others the way you expect to be treated”.  This means:  the way we treat you is the way we expect to be treated in return.  Be courteous.

Patience.   We work to get you results as fast as possible.  But everyone’s demands are different and everyone’s cases are different. Even though we get quick results and use the best possible ways to get the quickest results possible – you must be patient and understand that Ritual Work takes time to manifest and there are many other factors responsible for the speed of results.

You go on.   After we start doing the work, the last thing we want you to do is sit and project a question in your mind “when it is going to happen?”  You go on with your life and “forget” about our work.  Allow the results to come as soon as the Universe is ready to deliver, not when you want them.

Time frames.  We never give out exact time frames when results will show up for we can’t make any guarantees. From our experience, only charlatans do that.  Another big reason we don’t like to give out time frames is because most people will sit and desperately wait for that day projecting a lot of needy energy of desperation.  Desperation can cause interference and blockages to the success of the work.  If you want “guarantees”, please use someone else.  They will be glad to take your money.

We guarantee our work.   This means that we guarantee that we will do our best for you. But we will not guarantee that “you will get your ex back in 3 days” or “you will be rich in 3 months” because again, from our experience, only charlatans guarantee that.  Even though we usually know approximately when things will happen, we don’t tell it to people, because then they “sit and wait” for that, counting days and hours… However, keep in mind that most of our business is a repeat business with referrals and that should tell you a lot.

Payment.   Payment for the work is due in full before work will be started. Our goal is to help everyone at affordable, comfortable rates.

Other rules.   There may be other rules according to each case, as cases are very individual.

We don’t want you to do anything.   This is OUR job and ONLY OUR JOB, to resolve your case. This means that you should not “help” us by lighting candles and doing spells yourself, thinking you will get results faster. In that case, you will only delay results, creating extra work for us.

We don’t want you to hire anyone else.   You paid us. If you have extra money, save it. If you really want to part with your money, give it to a charity. Our prices are final prices unless you will ask for extra work. But one of the last things you should do is hire someone else to do spiritual work on your case besides us. This will create fully counter-desired results for you. It can also create some very serious problems.

How we structure the cost.   Ritual work uses the elements within nature and is not a creation of something out of nothing. Energies are used and aimed at someone or something for a desired result. This energy is not free.  This is known as a sacrifice.  There is a cost (a sacrifice) for everything gained that the universe provides us with.  This cost (sacrifice) can be monetary or non-monetary.   A non-monetary cost can be a loss of something for the gain of something. For example, you can lose a job because you got your ex girlfriend back using or you can get into an accident to get the law suit money you seek using Ritual work.  It can also be a loss of gained result. Or both… You don’t want that Monetary cost is giving up your money, or what was originally your energy spent on making money in order to gain a desired result. Sacrificing to use your hard-earned money is the safest and most convenient form of payment for both the client and the spiritual worker.  The spiritual world views this as an exchange of energy to get the job done.  Now, when it comes to the question of “how much”, the spirit guides will determine that.  This means that every case is individual and every price is individual.

More about the cost.   Ritual spell work or ritual magic is an investment. Allow your mind to be open and receptive to the idea: wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to get 10X more money through a ritual spell work? Wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to get your loved person back, who will make you happy, and that happy state of mind will affect all other areas of your life, including financial? Wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to resolve your problems with attracting opposite sex so you can concentrate your efforts on other areas of your life? Wouldn’t you pay X amount of money to get a protection against your enemies and save your assets, concentrating your energy on growth? When done right, Ritual Magic is a wise investment.

Please make sure that you understand the Rules of Aladokun Spiritual Ethics…

I acknowledge that I have read and understand all the “RULES OF ALADOKUN”.  Should I decide to purchase any service from I agree to all the terms listed above.

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