If you are reading this page, obviously, you have an inkling that your home is potentially being influenced by negative and bad spirits or maybe you’re just curious.

It can be a very uncomfortable feeling to have spirits hanging around your home or work especially if they are negative and harmful spirits.  Negative spirits are trouble makers and like to cause confusion.  They can make normal and small issues into big issues.  For instance, small insignificant arguments can turn into horrible arguments or even physical fights.  When these types of spirits are around, it is hard to feel at peace, you feel down and out, you struggle to understand what’s going wrong, you feel restless and sometimes it can be down-right frightening.  Many times it can feel as if someone is watching you or standing behind you and naturally this can be unsettling.  Before I tell you how I can help you, let me explain a little about spirits and why they hang around us in the first place.

“We are not alone!” I use this phrase not to speak about aliens, but to speak about entities or beings that share the complexities of this universe alongside us. Within our universal sphere there are energetic forces of various frequencies that are both positive and negative in nature. A vast portion of this energy is in the form of spirit beings. In nature, everything originates in spirit, thus making it easy for us to tap into its essence to gain a higher understanding and awareness of our Creator’s infinite love and power.

This brings me to the spirit world, which is made up of several astral planes. The makeup of the spirit world is complex and filled with spirits who linger close to us on the Earth plane and they are called “earthbound” spirits.  Earthbound spirits can affect our lives for good or bad.  Many of these spirits do not even realize that they are dead, especially the newly expired or those who have experienced sudden or tragic deaths. Others know that they are dead but linger around because of their loved ones. They feel that they have not fulfilled their obligations in life while other spirits linger around seeking vengeance.  The bad or malignant spirits are those who have not desired to advance/elevate their souls to a higher plane, either by choice or ignorance. They are considered spirits of darkness, entities that were of a bad nature in the physical world and have crossed over with the same characteristics and intentions as when they were alive. These entities try to deceive, cause havoc, and disrupt our lives for sheer amusement, for revenge, or as a way to force us to acknowledge the pain and suffering once bestowed upon them. As they feel tormented, they want to torment us, and as they feel miserable, they want us to be just as miserable.

Spirits hang around people and places that they are attracted to or have affinity with.  They influence us more than we could ever imagine.  Spirits can put thoughts into your head and they can trigger and play with your emotions.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND – ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS ARE NOT YOUR OWN. Millions upon millions of thoughts enter our minds on a daily basis and most of these thoughts are from outside sources and stimuli.  For instance, has anyone ever said to you, “stay out of my head?”  Well, we pick up on the thoughts of people we know and the people we don’t know all the time.  Advertisers are sending us millions of thoughts to buy stuff and this is why we have so any things we do not need.  Our government, politicians, and the clergy have mastered the art of mind control, sending thoughts to the masses and bending them to their will, even spirits will telepathically place thoughts in our minds.  This is why the great sages, masters, and occult schools taught their students how to control and still the mind.  The mind can be dangerous and your worse enemy if you don’t know what’s in it.  The mind is also very vulnerable because it can be impressed upon by outsiders even without your knowing.  For this reason, meditation, emptying your head, stilling and protecting your thoughts are extremely important.  Also, as you learn, you must teach your children about this.  Teach them about spiritually cleansing for their minds are very susceptible, too.

Let me offer you this excerpt from my book, “Ancestor Paths”, the chapter on “Children and Spirits”:  As we all know, children are sponges for learning, and they are very sensitive. Children are also more intuitive and more instinctually connected to nature and animals than many parents realize. Nothing is too ridiculous, silly, or farfetched to them because their minds, imaginations, and creativity have yet to be conditioned by societal fears, dogma, prejudices, or limitations. Their imaginary friends are often very real, and they can describe these playmates with distinct accuracy. Most children are not afraid of the unknown, and because of their innocence and honesty, it is very easy for spirits to communicate with them. Their minds, hearts, and souls, with some exceptions, are for the most part perfectly aligned with the universe, which leaves them susceptible to various frequencies of spirit contact, positive and/or negative.

Since children are openly connected to the physical and spiritual worlds, they easily experience or absorb the emotions of the people around them. When this happens, children often mistake these emotions as their own, for they have not yet learned how to distinguish between their feelings and those of others. This particularly holds true for children who are susceptible to negative energies from the invisible realm. In most cases, neither the child nor the parent can distinguish between normal misbehavior and behavior influenced by a mischievous entity. And even though I am speaking of children in this section, this has also been proven true for adults. As the parents, we think that our children are purposely misbehaving, but in actuality, children can act out the behavior of inferior spirits. Consider the following story about little Chuck Perkins, as told by his mom, S. Perkins:

“My youngest son, Chuck, is quite the handful and the most rambunctious of my three sons. He is naturally mischievous, very smart, and absolutely loves the outdoors. Chuck tends to get into lots of trouble. He isn’t a bad child by any means, just very mischievous! During a misa/séance about three years ago, a medium asked Chuck if he heard a voice that was telling him that it was okay to do things that he knows could get him into trouble. Chuck was stunned, and the look of disbelief on his face spoke volumes because he had never mentioned this to anybody, not even me, his mother, and he felt relieved to know that it wasn’t just him and that he wasn’t losing it. He felt so much better that someone else had brought his experience to the light.

He responded by saying that he always hears someone telling him to do things that he knows will get him yelled at, and because a lot of times he actually doesn’t get caught, he considers it fun sometimes. Chuck was only about nine years old at that time, and he has since calmed down considerably. He still gets into mischief; however, not nearly as much thanks to the spiritual help that he has received over the years from various spiritualists, priests, and the very author of this book, who is also his godmother!”

Let me clarify: most children are naturally curious and mischievous, and they test our nerves to see what they can get away with, but there are times when that curiosity and mischief are not all their own. Spirits communicate through thought form; they send messages into our minds, and because children’s minds are so open, they (the children) will sometimes listen to these messages and, in return, they act upon what they hear or feel and not in a good way. Just look at the news and you will see all the violent acts that our children are playing out right in front of our eyes.  Not to mention they are getting younger and younger.

Wake Up Call – if you really think that you or your children are in control of your own lives – take a deep look.  If you don’t believe that others are being manipulated mentally and emotionally – just open your eyes and take a look around.

Now, you must be aware of malevolent or inferior spirits that can attach themselves to you or your home in many ways and for many reasons. One way is through foul play, when an enemy has used and sent a bad spirit to you or to your home to purposely disrupt your life for selfish or evil reasons. Remember, these spirits are already dark and vengeful in nature so they will gladly take on the task.

If a spirit has died in a house or apartment, the spirit will linger close, as this is the home that the spirit is most familiar with and it will try to remain attached to its former residence.  These types of spirits can be territorial, believing that the home still belongs to them, and they will try to do things to keep anyone from being able to comfortably live in its space.

You can also pick up and attract a bad spirit or entity without knowing it. Want to know how?

Well, some of the most common reasons of how a person can attract a bad spirit is that spirits are attracted to the thoughts, energies, or emotions that we project, such as negative or perverse thinking, sadness, depression, loneliness, or fits of anger. These energies sit in your aura and give off a vibrational frequency that spirits can sense and follow. Bad or tormented spirits can follow you from a past life (incarnation), too. Even your personality type can and will attract low vibrational spirits. There are even malevolent or inferior spirits that will try to sleep with you or have sex with you. Sometimes this occurs when a spirit thinks that you are its mate, husband, or wife possibly from a past life. Other times, the spirit could think that it is in love with you and, in a worst-case scenario, there could be an spirit that is simply evil and wants to take advantage and force itself on you. These situations are extreme but rare and will usually only happen if you are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally weak. Remember bad/evil spirits are attracted to our vulnerabilities, doubts, and fears or to that of the loved ones that live with us.  When spirits are attracted to you, follow you, or attached to you – it is recommended that you get a spiritual bath or cleansing as well to clear your aura.  (Read more on spiritual baths and spiritual cleansings.)

Then there are those spirits who are considered inferior entities only because they may be scared, confused, misguided, or even a little manipulative and mischievous, but they are not necessarily evil. Many of these spirits act out the same as children do when they do not get a good dose of love, affection, or attention. They just need guidance and light, for they do not have the knowledge, courage, power, or strength to elevate their souls to a higher realm. They remain stuck to this plane until they figure their way out, until help comes along through a spirit helper of greater light, or until—through our prayers and light—they advance and cross over onto a higher plane.

Many times, if you are aware, you can feel when something unnatural is affecting you, whether you are sleeping or awake, because you will not feel like yourself.  You can actually feel the bad vibes.  Some of the common symptoms include feeling a heaviness, like bricks weighing on your shoulders; suffering from sluggishness; experiencing confusion; feeling out of sorts; having a loss of memory; experiencing tiredness; undergoing unusual amounts of illness; encountering insurmountable obstacles; having attitude changes; and on and on. This is why it is extremely important that you continually keep your mind positive, keep your energy high, say prayers often, and keep your aura and your living space spiritually clean. If done a regular basis, eventually you will automatically know when something is off or out of balance and if there is foul play involved. And in a case where your own spiritual cleansings are not helping to alleviate negativity or the energy from a bad spirit persists, you will need to seek out a spiritual advisor or medium who is an expert at removing these sorts of energies.” 1

Here is where I come in.

Feel comfortable in your home with no worries.


Let me help you gain a peace of mind.

A spiritual house cleansing is designed to drive away unwanted negative or malevolent energies from your home.  The same way you wash bacteria, dirt, and sweat from your physical body — your home and belongings must be cleansed from dirty energies that can negatively affect you and your family on a daily basis.


Don’t live in fear!  Let me HELP…

House clearings are done from a distance and are non-invasive.  We will set up and day and time for the cleansing to be done.  The clearing is a process that gives all spirits the opportunity to safely leave, peacefully, on their own accord and in most cases never to return.  For the more stubborn and difficult spirits, my process and techniques are stronger, but no worries on your part.

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1. Copyrighted - Excerpt taken from the book "Ancestor Paths"