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Honoring our Ancestors and Guardian Spirits Through Prayers, Rituals, Offerings

This newly expanded version has an additional 60 pages of updated and newly added prayers, quotes, and anecdotes.  For the beginner to experienced practitioner, there is something in this book for everyone.



Have you ever had an unexplained phenomena — a knock at the door but no one there; the hairs on your arm stand up, as though you’re suddenly chilled; a gradual aroma rising from nowhere; an abrupt noise; a strange sensation on different parts of your body, like someone stroking your hair; or dreams of your deceased loved ones? These are just a few examples of how your ancestors and spirit guides may be trying to gain your attention. Are you curious, WHY?

Perhaps the world is divided into two kinds of people; those who can only fathom the solid material life (the visible world) and those who perceive there is an active spiritual presence (an invisible reality) operative in most of our lives. Whether this perception is faint or fully actualized, the book Ancestor Paths is the ultimate road map to developing a clear understanding of the spirit world and why spirits try to commune with the living. It also explains how our lives are enhanced and healed through positive interaction with spirit. This book is filled with clear, understandable information on communing with those on the other side and provides outstanding insight on how your spiritual skills and talents can be developed to aid you and your family.

Ancestral reverence is as old as human beings and has always been understood as a powerful force for individual, family, cultural and community strength and stability. The Lukumi/Yoruba priestess Aladokun, illuminates how honoring your ancestors and working with your guides can add enormous clarity, direction, and peace to your life. Her soothing explanations, advice, caveats, counseling, and explicit directions makes you feel as if you have the most supportive teacher in the world. In a clear and easy to read narrative, she guides us through the infrastructure of the spirit realm, helping us to understand that our divine relationships continue and supports us in our spiritual growth.

This guide, newly expanded, is filled with cogent answers to some of the worse misunderstandings we all have about spirit work. She’s able to remove the irrational fear we sometimes have of our ancient practices, simplifying the rules of contact for building strong spiritual relationships.

No matter where you are on the belief continuum, intrepid beginner or sage spirit practitioner, the comprehensive way this guide is written will make you keep it close at hand. The basics are well covered but it also takes us deeper into the secrets of self preparation, ritual and the power of prayer. She helps us to see that this is not just a curiosity or a hobby, but perhaps the most effective way for us to evolve ourselves, our families and the world.

If you’re a beginner, with your heart leading you deeper into spirit connection, you won’t find a better step by step primer on developing your skills and natural talents. If you’re an experienced spiritualist/practitioner, you’ll be inspired in all new ways with newly added prayers, quotes, and anecdotes that strengthen your understanding of why this work is sacred and the most important work that we do; the perfect book to support your work in guiding your students, clients, and godchildren on their spiritual path. And for the curious, you’ll get an honest rendition about spirit life, gain some powerful insights, and hopefully, become inspired by the stories and processes as revealed by an authentic priestess, Aladokun.

Lastly, Ancestor Paths is a tribute to all divinities within the universe that continue to guide, bless, and elevate our souls towards higher consciousness and enlightenment.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Greetings and Blessings Aladokun!

    Before I go any further, I must say Maferefun Obatala!

    It is my hope that you will give some time to read this entire email 🙂
    I am so grateful to have found your book and your site. I felt compelled to contact you as I know it was a blessing that I learned anything at all about your work. What’s even better is that I know why I learned about you. One prayer and one single statement in your book: our ancestors, spirit guides, and the Orishas will always make a way!

    Like yourself, I grew up in NY (Harlem) and was exposed to Spiritism and Santeria but never had cause to look beyond the surface. I’ve always believed in mediumship and learned at a young age that I get messages through dreams. I believe that this gift somehow changed after dreaming my father’s death.

    Over the years, and having spent a few years in Japan while in the military, I was drawn to Buddhism but never really got serious about practicing until a few years ago. In my efforts, while in a Botanica, I was just grabbed by a Seven African Powers candle. I knew nothing about the Orishas except that they were Yoruba deities but from that point, I had to have that particular 7 day candle with that particular prayer and prayed with everything that I am.

    About a year later, Yemaya came into my life and saved my life. I knew nothing of the turbulent times I was about to face or the brujeria that was done to my own sibling.

    With the blessing of learning about Yemaya, brought the introduction to the Boveda and my Eggun. Needless to say, that is how I was introduced to your WONDERFUL Ancestor Healing Prayer. I’d looked for prayer to Eggun so many times over the period of a year or so and found nothing. I wanted more prayer guidance in addition to the Allen Kardec prayers. I’d let it go after a while and later had to do a service to the spirit of my great-grandmother who I never knew. Compelled to search again as this was the first time I had to do anything like this, I searched and there was Maferefun Eggun!!

    Now to get to the point (lol), one day I clicked on the bookmark to the prayer…and it was gone! I was heart broken as I had been feeling a block. I felt stuck. I said a prayer that I could find it somewhere or something close to it and just let it go. In my most recent Dillogun Divination, Obatala was defending and guiding. Subsequently, I had my regular spiritual reading and a series of baths was recommended. My Spiritualist emailed me the information, instructions, and cited the sources. Low and behold…your book was one of the sources. I ordered it immediately!

    When I tell you that your book has made such a positive impact on my spiritual growth, it is still an understatement. There is a particular statement in your book that I KNOW was exactly what was intended for me to read.

    I am ever so grateful for the guidance and services I’ve received and the sacrifices I’ve made during this journey. Spiritism and Santeria can both come with a degree of intimidation or fear to the newcomer and I believe that I allowed myself to doubt my own intuitive messages and the ability to find my own way. While I am blessed and grateful for all the guidance I depend on in learning the Orisha path, I began to feel as though I’d become dependent on someone else for my own spiritual growth. I realized that short of giving Obi to Eggun and my spiritual readings, only I, through my own efforts and dedication, can make my spiritual relationship what it is destined to be. Quite a difference between accepting guidance and depending on guidance. While some of this may be natural or ordinary, since reading your book, I doubt no more. And….this comes just as I’ve been getting the “nudge” to find a class about Spiritism. Now, I know I’m (as the old folks said) a day late and a dollar short for this class that has already started but I do intend to take your next class.

    I’m sure that I am only one of very, very many, but I just had to say Thank You! I’ve invested in soo many books and please know that I am being simply honest when I say that your book is, by far, the best that I have come across.

    May the Almighty continue to illuminate you,
    Peace and Blessings,


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Smith

    I would like to say this book has been a wonderful blessing. As a novice to the vodoun tradition, this has been very informative. Especially as one who seeks a step by step guide to learning the beautiful family communication that is available to us on our journey. She explains everything in such a way as it makes perfect sense. And I have even purchased this book for friends to let them know that this beautiful African tradition, is a way to help ourselves on our journey. I find this book to be a not only a great introduction, but an enduring manual for a lifetime. So much information, backed back her personal experience. I love this book!

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