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It is fact that in nature only the strong survives.  For some reason, people forget that they are apart of nature and are bound to the same natural principles and laws as animals in the wild.  In nature, there are the weak and there are the strong and powerful.  Think to yourself, what happens in the wild?  The stronger and more powerful animal will seek out the weak and vulnerable.  Usually the weak animal will surround themselves by a herd of stronger kin that can protect them.  But the majority of humans do the opposite – they become weak and miserable and surround themselves with more “miserables” just to make themselves feel better.  In the human world, the powerful trample over the weak and less fortunate in society just like in the wild.  The only difference is that humans become greedy and want more than they need (more power, more money, more status) whereas the animals in the wild will only take (eat) what they need.

In the wild, there’s an opportunity for all species to flourish because there’s no greed.  In the human world, the only ones that flourish are those who fight to do so against greedy power mongers.  Just as there are no excuses or fairness in the wild – there’s no fairness in life for us humans.  As far as the universe is concerned — all is equal — how you survive is up to you.  It is what it is.  DO NOT LET ANOTHER DAY PASS YOU BY IN A WEAKENED STATE.

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If you choose the lesser road, try to play small, or give up, nature will overlook you and allow you to be eaten and taken out of the life equation.  Do not settle for victimization!  You must fight for yourself and your family–fight to get on top.  This does not mean to compete with the “Elite” or those out of your league.  It means to get control of your life within your own household, community, and relationship circles.  If you settle for being weak you will get trampled, you will get taken advantage of, and you will become food.  So what will you choose?

It’s all in your hands to do so.  The power is within you to make the necessary changes in your life by whatever means necessary.  In today’s time, we must stand strong and work hard to bring positive changes in our lives or we will be eaten like prey.

This may sound strong and I’m not a harsh person but the world is.  It’s no joke trying to survive each day.  I’ve learned that the universe rewards those who are courageous so I had to take a stronger stand in my own life and now I ask you to do the same.  YOU have to think, look around, and see the truth of what’s happening in the world.  No one is going to SAVE YOU.  YOU have to SAVE YOURSELF.  Nothing will change unless YOU change it.  Nothing will move unless YOU move it.  I learned this the hard way.



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