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November 9, 2016


Ancestor Paths the Sequel’s (APS) Mediumship Study Program is for those brothers and sisters who desire to deeply study and practice the art and science of ancestral and spirit communication, psychic mediumship development, spiritual mediumship training, and ritual work.

Aladokun says, “It is my belief that we are all mediums in one way or another, consciously or subconsciously. For example, a medium can be one who consciously interacts with the spirit world receiving and/or giving spirit messages, one who dreams spiritual messages, one who feels, hears, or sees spiritual energies, one that senses the presence of spirit around them, one that gets sudden or strong intuitive feelings or sensations, or anyone who has ever said, “something told me or a voice said”… A person can also be a writing medium, a healing medium or a somnambulic (sleep walking) medium or they can be a medium and not know it.”

The spirit world engages each of us every moment of everyday however, most times we are unaware of how frequently we’re being psychically influenced by those who live on the other side. Even the more advanced and experienced practitioner, in many cases, are unaware of how much he or she is being used and influenced by those who dwell in the invisible realms.

program for anyone

Therefore, this program was uniquely designed to support any one at any skill level. This is a self help, self growth, self improvement, self awareness, and character building program. APS Mediumship Study Program provides a strong foundation for building self mastery. Self mastery is one of the universal laws and principles that is the basis for all great spiritual systems and the evolution of the soul.

great for those who

The Teleconference program is academic and is 22-weeks in duration. Each lecture, study, and exercise will allow you to advance from your current position providing all the opportunity to enhance and strengthen your spirituality. Not only will you deepen your knowledge about spiritualism (the act of communicating with the invisible realms) but you will develop your psychic faculties and mediumship abilities far beyond what you can imagine.

This program will incorporate a variety of resources, tools, and exercises that will help you to unlock and advance your gifts so that you reach your potential. As you study and practice this ancient art, you will grow in confidence and awareness. Since I am an initiated priestess of several traditional African nature-based spiritual systems, I will integrate certain shamanistic practices that will support your spiritual growth and development.

Mediumship is not a game so if you are not serious about your development, then this is not the group for you. This program is for integrity-minded individuals seeking real development. If you have the desire and are open to receive then become part of this program and begin your journey as a developing psychic and medium in training.

This isn’t your average Mediumship group. For many, the ultimate goal may be to give/receive spirit messages, however, this is a real study group with a curriculum, lesson plans, and homework that emphasizes “self development” which is the basis for all spiritual practices.

what will you learn

Personal/Self Development Training: introspection, self knowledge, self analysis, self discovery, and ego identification to remove mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages.

Physical Training: meditation, breathing, exercises, food, and the magic of water.

Mental Training: thought control (discipline of thoughts, subordination of thoughts, autosuggestion).

Mediumship and Psychic Study: mediumistic principles, types of mediumistic faculties and the mechanisms behind these faculties, vibrations of spirit and how they interact with human form, inner voice vs. outer voice, spirit possession (trance), guidelines for safety and so much more.

Please note that this group will include a strong spiritual component of prayer, meditation, and ritual.

This program will require weekly attendance for a total of 22-weeks. We will meet one day per week for approximately 2-hours beginning November 9, 2016 at 8pm. There is also a weekly tuition of $45 per week per person. Total tuition for the program is $990.

The total is broken into 5 installments of $198.00 to be paid every 4 weeks for a maximum of 5 cycles.  This means that you will pay $198 automatically every 4 weeks for 5 months.  Payments will stop automatically after your 5th payment.

The cost of tuition covers the lecture, lessons, exercises and print materials. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at ahaven @ aladokun (dot) com .

Many, many blessings! I look forward to working with you.

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more about the program

images2“The act of communicating with spirits falls under the domain of spiritualism. Although the practice and essence of spiritualism is ancient, since 1983 the US Government has recognized it as a religion. Spiritualism is defined as a scientific, philosophical, and religious practice that proves the continuity of life after death through demonstrated communication between mediums/spiritualists and those who reside in the spirit world.

Spiritualism is a science because it uses observation and research to describe and explain spiritual phenomena through mediumship. Science simply means knowledge that is attained through study and practice. Spiritualism also supports philosophical views and questions about how people should live (ethics and morals), what sorts of things exist, and metaphysics as it relates to the ultimate nature of being and the world. Although spiritualism is incorporated into and is the base of many spiritual/religious systems, it can absolutely stand on its own, with no limitations regarding the levels that are accessible for connecting with God and the various realms of spirit beings. The only limitations are human limitations. Many view spiritualism as a common sense religion, meaning that it accepts all truths found within the universe, nature, other spiritual and religious systems, literature, science, the divine and natural laws.

Therefore, through the practice of mediumship, the spirit world is explored for various truths about human and spirit life. In Latin communities, these truths are called evidencias, “to give evidence”, and the practice of spiritualism is called espiritismo; a Spanish word used to describe the combined mediumistic practices begun by French spiritist, Allan Kardec. The spiritualists/mediums within the Lukumi system conduct misas/seances, called white table masses that use Kardec’s principles.

Since this is my background, I’ve decided to model this mediumship program after the doctrinal knowledge, derived from the Spiritist Codification, by Allan Kardec with a few variations. The Spiritist doctrine follows the ethical and moral behaviors, according to the orientations of Christ. However, we will also follow the ethical and moral behaviors of Ifa, other great Masters, Gods/Goddesses, and Deities who are ever present and guide our lives. This would only be appropriate since Christian principles were based on and taken from a variety of spiritual/religious sources that pre-date Christianity.

In this program, we will be open to the “Light and Love” of all the Great Masters (feminine & masculine in nature) whom are higher than ourselves and who will fortify us to develop strong and with integrity to help ourselves and others. I have also decided to model this program after the Spiritist doctrine because they have created an extensive library of intellectual study, experimentation, and resources on the subject which makes it alot easier for my teaching strategy.” by Aladokun

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