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732-309-2625 teaches people to empower themselves.  Through knowledge and experience she expresses the importance of learning how to take care of one’s self, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Millions of people are fascinated by spiritual concepts and the unknown but they do not know how to care for, embrace, or defend themselves against something they cannot see.  Aladokun’s teachings will help you to feel comfortable and safe.  You will learn how to guard and strengthen yourself but knowing the information is not enough.  The teachings are meant to break many of the spiritual myths and illusions that keep people dis-empowered, however, most are not willing to do the work.  And the work is the most important part because the principles must be tested, practiced, and experienced, other wise, it has no meaning.

To help those who are curious, seek to understand the spirit world and are willing to do the work, the exercises and practices – Aladokun started the APS Mediumship Study and Psychic Development Program.  Don’t let the title fool you or mislead you.  THIS PROGRAM IS FOR ANYONE – even if you have never thought of taking a class like this before.  Every lesson is design to open your mind, stimulate your awareness, and give you the knowledge necessary to spiritually care for yourself day-to-day.  EVERYONE should have information that would give them this ability.

This program is transformative and supports all spiritual beliefs.  There are many people intrigued by psychics and mediums, now you can learn for yourself the science behind it all.  This program is not static.  Everything that you learn from this program will be with you for the rest of your life.  The principles and exercises will always be relevant and applicable.  Even better, not only will you greatly benefit but so will everyone else around you, including family and friends.

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Ancestor Paths the Sequel’s (APS) Mediumship and Development Program is a certificate program for those brothers and sisters who yearn to study and practice the art and science of ancestral and spirit communication, psychic development, mediumship, and ritual work.

This teleconference program two components: one that is academic in nature. The duration of the program is 22-weeks and include lecture, study lessons, homework, and exercises.

Not only will you deepen your knowledge about spiritualism (the act of communicating with the invisible realms) but you will develop your psychic faculties and mediumship abilities far beyond what you can imagine.

Aladokun’s teachings are creative, modern and innovative.  She bridges the old with the new.  So for those of you who are looking for valid and important information, stay tuned to what Aladokun has to say, be willing to learn, and put into practice the principles so that you can grow, strengthen yourself, and have a happier life.


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“This course incorporated the right resource books & documents which assisted in the clarification and understanding of the matter presented. This course has provided a shift of awareness in me that has clarified all the hidden secrets and situations that were not explained to me before. When I asked, what seemed to be the difficult questions about how the way the Spirit world worked to my mentors, they would only say “because that is the way it has always been done” or they would provide an answer that was less then adequate in explaining, what to me was the unexplained but yet had to have a reason and process in it’s function and relationship with the living. I have found enlightenment and the knowledge that I’m part of this invisible world. That it is very much a part of me as I’m a part of it. The exercises and the meditative development have all opened my mind and soul to a much richer aspect of Mediumship.”  E. Rios -Graduate of Program

“I just watched your videos introducing some concepts for newbies to the spiritual path…. and wow! I loved how real to life and relationships you put things. The spiritual dimension you describe engages all walks of life. I have been around teachings that are all light and love up in Seattle. They don’t address so many crazy things I’m around on a day to day basis… and I wonder how to bridge the gap?! Is there any way I can connect with you and maybe get some direction on where my spiritual path lies? I’m trying to get started on a ground level. I’ve been a brainiac, but college degrees and professors just don’t seem to helpful (“not letting go could be an obsession” mm hmm!), they seem more like an obstacle to ancient teachings and ancestors. Thanks for being so real.”  JWade – Seattle

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