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Our spirit guides/entities or ancestors many times speak to us through our dreams. Our subconscious mind or higher self will speak to us as well. It is best if you can keep a dream journal (a notebook) to write down what you remember in terms of any symbols, feelings, words, numbers, or events that occurred while you were in your dream state.  All of these things will give you a hint to possible spiritual messages coming through for you.  Once you gather all of what you remember, you can begin to analyze the meaning.

For instance, many people dream of water.  What does it mean to dream of water?  Water is very sacred spiritual and popular symbolization in all cultures.  For one we can’t live without water so it has a powerful effect on our lives.  Viewing this from a spiritual standpoint, water can represent many things.  So the first thing you will want to analyze in your dream is – in what context did the water appear in the dream and how did it affect you? What was your relationship to the water in the dream?  You will need to remember some key elements or details about the water.  Was the water clear or dirty/muddy or cloudy?  Was it bath water, ocean/sea, river, lake water?  Was water flooding a place in your dream?  Did a pipe break?  Were you drinking water?  Was water in a glass?  Was it running water from a faucet or flowing water like a river?  Once you take notice to as many details, you will then want to take notice to how you felt in the dream.  Were you sad, scared/fearful, happy, etc.   Maybe the dream is an answer to a question that you had, or validating some feelings or emotions that you are going through.  Maybe there’s an action you need to take or not take.  As you can see there can be alot to analyzing dreams.  Also note that the meanings are not always the same for everyone so it is important that you get into the how the dream made you feel.

Water can represent our unconscious mind or our emotional state of being.  Water is an element that is receptive.  Water is considered a living essence within nature, a part of our psyche, and the flow of life force energy.  It can be symbolic of our spirituality, knowledge, or healing abilities (internal or external).  Water can be viewed as coolness, peace, clarity, or a refreshment.  Water can also be reflective.  So depending on the context in your dream, water can have many meanings.  If water is sitting and not moving, it can mean stagnation or the need for you to be still.  If you were to see water boiling in your dream or the sea/ocean is turbulent, this can signify some type of turmoil going on in your life.  Or maybe your emotions are out of control and brewing indicating that you may need some calm or peace.  Better yet, sometimes when our emotions are all over the place – we need boundaries ourselves or we need to learn how to place boundaries toward other people and situations in our life.

We can probably write a book, alone, on the many meanings of water. The fun part, for you, is taking the responsibility upon yourself to decode what spirit is communicating to you…  Maybe other individuals on this blog will have other suggestions to dream interpretation.

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