After reading the article below on the African history and origin of the cross, I think you will find it quite interesting.  The cross has a past that is shrouded in a mystery that has been intentionally hidden from the masses.

nkisi-sarabanda“Nkisi Sarabanda, symbolizing the signature of the spirit, is a representation of a bakongo cosmogram. This symbol portrays how the Congo-angolan people viewed the interaction between the spiritual and material world, or in other words between the living and the dead; the Congo-angolan people believe that these worlds are inherently intertwined. An Nkisi is a spiritual object used for worship purposes, and have been found in places where enslaved Africans have lived… Sarabanda connotes “the highest spirit”. Part of the symbol takes the form of a cross, because the Congolese had an inclination towards Christianity. Communication appears to take place at the center of the cross, where the worlds intersect, and it was believed that spirits sat at the center of the sign. The arrows represent the four winds of the universe, and the symbol as a whole resembles the form of a spiral galaxy; this indicates their interest in astronomy and affinity towards nature.”1

I was surprised to find the above excerpt on a government website, of all places, with a picture of a Bakongo symbol for the Congo nfumbe (spirit), Sara Banda. You can see an equal armed cross encased by a circle.  I felt that the short summary was good up to the part where it stated that part of the symbol takes the form of a cross because the Congolese had an inclination toward Christianity.  This is NOT true!

First of all, let’s look at the word “inclination”.  It means a person’s natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way.  We know throughout history that there was nothing natural about indigenous (native) people abandoning the real Gods and Goddesses of the Universe for a religion that was manmade. We know throughout history that a variety of soft and hard tactics were/are used to force Christianity upon the people of the world. These tactics included gentle brainwashing to brute force. However, native peoples knew about the cross way before the acceptance of Christianity which was out of ignorance, fear and the necessity to live.  Sadly, this is still happening all over the world.

Many years ago I used to think that crosses were a Christian or church “thang”.  Thanks to the ancestors I have been awakened and now I know better. I’m excited to have learned that the Cross is an ancient symbol that came from the STAR BEINGS or SUN BEINGS and this symbol was given to the darker shades of people.  Star Beings have co-existed with the inhabitants of the earth for hundreds of thousand of years.

We have been purposely deceived, mis-guided, mis-educated, and mis-lead by the symbols we see today.  Anyone practicing a spiritual belief other than the so-called main religions of the world is considered a pagan.  By that definition, the cross is a pagan sign and symbol because originally it had nothing to do with the main religions of world such as Christianity, Judiasm, or Islam.

Throughout history and even today we are mis-lead in to believing that the most powerful symbols presented before us are symbols that originated from “caucasian” people (the colonizing people) but it did not.  This mis-education by the European “Elite” is meant to keep you from understanding that you are a powerful divine being and to make you afraid of your ability to tap into your inner power – giving them the power to control you.  They want to keep the masses of people brainwashed, fooled, and blinded so that people don’t see that the real “church” is the Universe and you can access its unlimited power.  The European “Elite” and the Church of Rome has a sinister plot of trying to make Christianity superior to all other spiritual systems that are older than Christianity by tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. To a great degree they have succeeded but people are waking up and this is a good thing.

It is of extreme importance that my melonated (dark & brown skinned) brothers and sisters understand that just because a cross is added to an ancient symbol does NOT mean that Christianity was included as part of the meaning. There are many people who are knowingly and unknowingly spreading untruths.  It is your responsibility to do your own research and become a seeker of truth. Just Google Pre-Christian Crosses and tons of information will come up.  The European “Elite” and the Roman Church has been spreading lies and false beliefs from the beginning of their existence and they alter truths, like in the excerpt above, as a way to validate Christianity by deceiving people to believe that the early people of indigenous spiritual systems naturally gravitated toward the Europeon version of Christianity.

In fact, according to The Encyclopedia Brittanica, 11th ed., 1910, Vol. 7, pg. 506: “Various objects, dating from periods long anterior to the Christian era, have been found, marked with crosses of different designs, in almost every part of the old world. India, Syria, Persia and Egypt have all yielded numberless examples… The use of the cross as a religious symbol in pre-Christian times, and among non-Christian peoples, may probably be regarded as almost universal, and in very many cases it was connected with some form of nature worship.”


Credo Mutwa on Celestial Knowledge

The CROSS is a power symbol that is NOT owned by the Church, its missionaries, or the religion of Christianity.  The symbol of the cross was high jacked by the “religious elite” a massive group that has and continues to confuse, demoralize, dominate, humiliate even murder people around the globe.  Many dastardly deeds are done behind the image of the cross to mislead the ignorant and naïve people of the world.

The cross pre-dates Christianity and it is a sacred geometrical shape that is believed to have originated from BEINGS who live and come from our cosmic SUN.  These SUN BEINGS taught humans long ago the power of the cross as a technological device that could bring healing, renewal and life as well disease, destruction, and death.  It can be used to bless or curse.


See The CROSS Above?

The cross was known ages before any missionary thought of stepping foot on to the continent of Africa and has different meanings than that of the Christian establishment.  It was believed that the most powerful of crosses were made of either wood, ivory, or metal.  There were several forms of crosses used from the earliest of times and the three main crosses used for healing was the perfect cross, the proper cross, and the Ankh.



  1. The Perfect Cross or the Sun Cross – “Our people believed also in what they called the perfect cross, the most powerful cross of all. This was a cross, that had all its four wings of exactly equal length. [White people know this as the Celtic cross]. A cross, which is often imprisoned within a circle, with all its wings of exactly equal length, our people used this cross, drawing it in its many forms, healing some of the most horribly diseases, to which the body is prone. Before a person was treated for cancer, the herbs, the powdered herbs, which were to be used in this treatment, were first laid out on a piece of clean springbok skin on the likeness of the perfect cross, then spoon after spoon, they were taken and poured into a clay pot, which had been blessed several times.”2

This perfect cross is used in almost all African-based spiritual systems.  In the diaspora, it is seen in many nature-based systems such as Bakongo, Yoruba/Ifa, Lukumi, Santeria and Vodou. It is the symbol of the crossroads and is used in mystical drawings, veves and palo firmas.


  1. The Proper Cross – is well-known today as the Christian cross. It is the cross seen throughout the recent ages as the cross with a long stem and short arms.  This is the cross that Jesus was supposedly nailed to and is the current cross that is widely used by churches all over the globe. Remember, this is another type of cross that was known and used by native people of the world before Christianity. This cross, too, is commonly used among many people within varying spiritual systems.  In cultures like Haitian Vodou, this cross is used to represent the gateway to the realm of the Ghede and is one of the power symbols of Bawon Samedi.


  1. The Ankh or the Unsaid Cross – many people do not know the ankh as a cross. The Ankh is widely known in the West as an Ancient Egyptian symbol sometimes called the “key of life”.  However, the ankh is primarily known throughout Southern Africa as an ancient healing technology and a symbol of peace.  “The greatest users of the ankh, were the almost extinct Khoi Khoi or Hottentot people. The Khoi Khoi said, that the “unsaid cross” represented their Great Sun god, Heitsie-Ibib. The zulus, Xhosas and the Swazis and other Ngoni speaking peoples of South Africa, also believed in a Sun god, who died each evening to be reborn again each morning. Who died each winter and was reborn again each spring.”2

cross-xIt was stated earlier that crosses could be used for harm or evil purposes.  We know this type of cross as an X.  It is also known to many as the Saint Andrews Cross.  This X-shaped cross is believed to possess powers of evil and is used to place curses on people.

“It may be of interest to you to learn, that when a Xhosa person from the Eastern Cape, says, that you are crazy, you are mad he says, “Uphameene.” And the literal meaning of this word is, “You have a cross put upon you.”  A cross, which has made you cross witted, mad. In ancient times and even modern times, when an African artist, woodcarver or decorator of any kind draws a cross, he or she must take great care to only draw one of those crosses, that heal and not to dare to draw, carve or render in beads, one of the evil crosses, because Africans say, that the first person, that gets affected by a negative engraving or a negative drawing, is the artist himself. And the first person to be affected by a positive drawing or a positive engraving is the artist himself or herself.”2

There’s a common spiritual practice of placing jinx and curses on people by writing a person’s name a certain number of times and then writing Xs throughout the name to cross the intended person.  So if a person can be affected by their own markings, then all those people out there writing crosses on other people’s name, would be cursing themselves first.  In cursing others, you end up cursing yourself.  This is interesting…

Let me know what you think about this article on the African history and origin of the cross.  Write a comment below and let us know what research you found based on the content above.

Additional Sources on the Cross in other cultures before Christianity.

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  3. Pagan Origins of the Cross – A Sun Symbol



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