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How Does Witchcraft Work?

I get many emails about negative spirits; people asking “how does witchcraft work?”  I will try to keep my explanation short because this is a complex subject.

I feel that there are negative spirits bothering me. I’m being attacked and I feel that I may be the victim of witchcraft, what should I do?

The basic answer to this question is that you will need to make sure that you are actually the victim of foul play or you could have conjured up a mass of energy to attack yourself by thinking and acting negatively or being obsessive in your behaviors.

Many people do not realize that they can self-create a demon or attract bad spirits to themselves.  You have so much bad thinking and feelings going on that the spirits that like that type of energy will flock to you.  You must understand that all spirits seek out people, places and things of similar vibration or of similar interest.

For instance, if a person suffers from depression then it will be easy for that person to attract entities (spirits) that are depressed, sad, lost and confused.  If a person is negative in mind and heart then their thoughts and emotions will attract spirits of similar vibration.  Say that you are a descent person but you just have low self-esteem.  You could potentially attract spiritual energies of low vibrations and these spirits will attach to and feed off of the low thoughts that you have of yourself.  Simply put, a person will only attract energies similar to what exists within his or her self.  As the law of attraction states, like attracts like.  This is why it is important to remain in good character and have superior and positive thoughts.

Have you created your own demon with your thoughts and bad feelings?

Yes, this sounds crazy but it happens all the time.  In Afrikan culture, a self-created demon is called “elenini” – your own personally created monster.  Elenini is created when a person resists change; they hold on to thought-forms that resist self transformation.  These individuals are not learning life’s lessons.  They have restricted their personal growth on some level and is internally conflicted to the point of self-destruction.  They live having obsessive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  A self-created demon also happens when a person persists to hold onto problems.  They worship the problem, complaining and making excuses to why the problem exists therefore keeping the problem alive in their hearts and mind.  Energies are then created to support the distorted view of what’s happening in their lives.  In this, they continue to suffer but only at their own hand.  For these individuals, they have made themselves believe that it is easier to live this way than to deal with the painful truths that live at the core.  This unresolved conflict eventually leads to tension in the body, tension in life, resentments and anger.  Elenini feeds off of negative energies, thoughts, and emotions – getting bigger and more stronger by the minute.  A person can create an elenini for any area of their life.  Some people have created an elenini in the area of love; no matter what they do they cannot find a partner.  The elenini has become the invisible partner “cock blocking” anyone who even dares to take an interest.  Others have created elenini in the area of money and finance; their thinking about money is so negative that a monster was created to ensure their suffering and poverty.  Eleninis have also been created out of fear and trauma.

“If a person is avoiding transforming ibi [inner conflict, resistance, or change], they will look for someone else to blame for their problems.  If there is no one to blame [like in witchcraft] they will create an imaginary demon that they can claim is responsible for the disruption in their life.  If the need to create a demon is strong enough the thought form will take shape and the monster will materialize in the physical world giving apparent confirmation the problem is external and not internal…In Ifa this phenomena is called elenini.  Real spirits always respond to the power of the word.  If you tell egun (general spirits) or Orisa (deities) to leave, they leave.  Elenini does not respond to the power of the word.  The more you try to dispel it in a ritual context the stronger it gets.  If a ritual exorcism is effective, the old elenini is replaced by a new manifestation far more powerful than the original.  The only way to destroy elenini is to starve it to death.  By this I mean you have to slowly work away at the internal conflicts that feed this spirit.

The only person who can destroy elenini is the person who created it.  This won’t happen until the person is ready to accept responsibility for the real problem.  If you try and banish an elenini in a ritual context the person who created it will view the ritual as a threat to their identity, they will resist the process by attacking you.  There is no easy solution to this problem.  My best recommendation is to refer the person with the elenini to a mentor, someone who has effectively transformed the real issue.  The ritual cleansing ends up looking more like a twelve-step program than an offering to spirit.” 2

Your thought-forms and your emotions have tremendous power and this energy is alive.  Most people do not know how to use this power and they stay stuck in negative thinking about everything.  These people are internally conflicted and self-destructive on many levels.  Most times the destruction is slow and subtle.  This is apart of their self-sabotage.  They obsess so much in bad thinking and feeling that nothing goes right.  This energy has to go somewhere, “so it stays home to roost”.  These negative thoughts turn into masses of energy that manifests into the physical taking on a character or a personality; a character/personality that you have given it with your bad thinking.  Millions of people love feeling victimized so a mass of energy is created to victimize them (the elenini).  People don’t realize that they are doing witchcraft to themselves.

If you feel that negative spirits are bothering you or you may have an elenini, then the first step is to look at your attitudes and character and make adjusts accordingly.  You must begin to do inner work at resolving core issues.  Give yourself a good spiritual bath or seek out a spiritual professional that can help you to get your life back.



In the case of witchcraft, I teach my students that witchcraft is the vision or the thoughts of what someone else wants to impose onto an unsuspecting person.  In witchcraft there are a variety of magical or spiritual items and techniques used to strengthen the vision of what someone else wants to impose onto the unsuspecting person.  Not to mention all kinds of spirits and sacred tools can be used to ensure the vision (job) is carried out.  For those who read my book, you will recall that I was going through a bad time and the good spirits said to me, “this is not your life – this is the life that someone else wants for you.”  Meaning, there were those who wanted to see me in a bad way.

So if you don’t have clear, concrete, and precise visions, goals or plans of how you want your life to go then someone else’s vision can take hold of your life.  You will live the life that someone else wants for you.  In retrospect, I realize that I was living my life without a solid spiritual plan of protection and because of my naivety the witchcraft was able to get to me.  This happened to me at a young age and I didn’t know I needed to protect myself from spiritual impositions or other people’s thoughts.

If your thoughts or feelings about yourself are NOT positive and strong, if you don’t have clear direction for your life then the spiritual energy sent in witchcraft will find a way to seep in and break down the small dreams and goals that you do have.  Witchcraft feeds off of the weak areas in your life like insecurity, low self-esteem, or lack of energy.  It will also feed off of things like confusion, drama, fears, frustration, indecisiveness, illness, lack of integrity, lack of money, anger, doubt, or guilt.  These are but a few examples.  For instance, if you are pessimistic and have consistent negative thoughts, it is easy for witchcraft or the bad spirits to feed off of your negative thoughts turning things from bad to worse.  Not to mention, your negative thinking will make the witchcraft even stronger.

Let’s take a look at a love relationship.  Say for instance you are in a relationship that’s going fine then it appears out of no where things just seem to go bad.  Witchcraft could be the cause?  Of course, there are many reasons why a relationship can go bad but in the case of witchcraft, the energy or contracted spirit will seek out vulnerabilities in the relationship like deception, insecurity, jealousy, or arguing over silly things, etc., and eventually the witchcraft will gain enough strength to break the relationship apart.  To avoid this, the persons involved in the relationship will need to protect the relationship and maintain strong visions of happiness, security, and longevity as well as be willing to nurture the relationship in all positive ways and communications in order to make it hard for the bad spirits or witchcraft to succeed.

To minimize the effects of such energies you must take a strong spiritual interest in yourself, in your life, and in your loved ones lives. Think positive every minute, work to strengthen your character every day, cleanse your aura, and clear negative energy in your home to keep the vibrations high.  It is better to do little things than to do nothing at all.  There are many things that can be done and small things go a long way to minimize and neutralize any bad spirit or witchcraft coming from someone else.

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If you need additional help, I’m available for consultations, clearing of negative energies in the home, and I can make you a spiritual cleansing bath.  Just send me a message on my contact page and we can discuss further.

2.  Excerpt taken from “Ifa Theology – Inner Peace” by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi


How To Take A Spiritual Cleansing Bath




Step One:  Clean your house or space – get your house in order, remove anything you do not want or need.  Throw away anything that needs to be in the garbage.  Get rid of any clutter, for this attracts negative vibrations, especially in the corners, closets and under beds.  Organize your things in boxes or plastic storage bins.  Once done, you may choose to spiritually cleanse your work area or your home with a floor wash or herbal mixture and burn some sort of purifying incense to cleanse and uplift the vibrational levels (the air) of your living or workspace.  You can expect better results when you are totally focused on removing negative energies or concentrating on attracting positive ones.  If using a floor wash, pour ingredients in a pail and add enough water to mop out the entire house.  Mop house from the back to the front.  [Spiritually mopping out a house is traditional to the Voodoo religion and Santeria belief system.]

While mopping, softly speak out loud verbally, calling upon the Superior Angels to come and cleanse your space of anything that is not serving your highest purpose or destiny.  Then ask that the good spirits bring vibrations that are in light, peace, happiness, love, etc.  If you have carpeted floors, you can actually wring the mop and pass it over the carpet as you would a floor.

Step Two:  Creating sacred space or an altar is optional but beneficial.  If you choose you can create an altar or shrine by using a small table, a dresser top, or a corner on the floor, for the spirit of the ancestors and/or the spirit guides.  This is particularly helpful for anyone interested in ancestral veneration (ancestor worship).

Sacred space doesn’t have to be an altar but a state of mind. If you already have your sacred space created, cleaned and ready to work, then proceed to Step Three.

When setting your altar/shrine you may want to include pictures of your deceased relatives or items that belong to the ancestor spirits.  You can also add inspirational items for your guardian angel spirit or spirit guides and teachers.  Your altar/shrine can be fancy, moderate, or as simple as you would like it to be.  However or wherever you decide to create your altar/shrine, it should be in an uninterrupted place – a sacred place.  A place where you are sure no one will bother it.  The altar or shrine is the focal point or rendezvous place where you maintain a relationship with God and those who have departed.

The basic altar should include at least one large glass of water, a candle (preferably white), flowers (preferably white), a symbol that is sacred to you like the Cross, Star of David, a Bible, the Qur’an, a prayer book or writings of inspiration.  One of the reasons for using white and setting your altar with the indicated items is to set the mood for a very pleasant and uplifting environment that will attract intelligent, good, and superior spirits.  Remember, the color white is very cool and calming and the vibration of the color signifies purity and truth.  Other colors can throw off the mood and will attract other energies that you may not be ready to handle.  There are many variations on how altars/shrines are created depending on the individual, the level of expertise or the culture.


If you are a novice at communicating with spirits, it is recommended that you use only one glass of water or a maximum of three-glass setup and one candle on your altar or shrine in your initial stages.  For the beginner, simple is always better.  And when placing that glass of water upon your altar/shrine, dedicate that glass of water and that candle to God, your guardian angel, and spirit protectors so that you do not attract any other unwanted spirits that may be hanging around at the time.  For detailed instructions on how to communicate with spirits read, “Ancestor Paths – Honoring our Ancestors and Guardian Spirits Through Prayers, Rituals & Offerings.”

When dealing with the realm of spirit, the variations of how altars can be set and how they can be used are endless.  Within various cultures and spiritual systems, there are usually a few standard rules to follow, however, spiritualism is vast and every individual can do and will do different things when it comes to the spirit world.  It is not my intention to say what is right and what is wrong.  My true intention is safety.  I just want you to know how to be careful, to be aware, and to question how to deal with the spirit world.  I do not want you to bring unnecessary harm unto yourself by giving or exchanging energy and light with unwanted, mischievous, and dangerous spirits that do not belong to you.  I want people to learn how to be aware of what they are dealing with so that the correct decisions and actions can be made.

Your spiritual altar is your focal point for praying, healing, and using candles for ritual work.  Your altar is where you will bring all your issues, whether they are in reference to home, work, family, money, health, or healing.  After some time of working with your altar, you may see, feel, or hear a counter response from your guide.  Your ancestors or guides will on many occasions give you messages or reveal themselves to you through dreams, so pay close attention.

Step Three:  Choose a purifying incense to burn throughout the house, especially where you’ve created your sacred space.  Sage, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, and Frankincense are good incenses to keep on hand and to do your energetic clearing.  You will burn the incense starting from the back of your home to the front.  While passing the incense throughout your place – softly speak out loud verbally, calling upon your Guardian Angel Spirit, your ancestor spirits, any Superior Beings or Protective Spirits to come and cleanse your space of anything that is not serving your highest purpose or destiny.  Then ask that the good spirits bring vibrations that are in light, peace, happiness, love, etc.  Incense is also used to help you relax and focus upon your desired outcome.  It can also be burned to dispel bad energy or to attract good energy.

Step Four:  Now get your herbal mixture (the spiritual bath) ready.  If it is too cold then you can warm it in a pot on stove.  As soon as the mixture is warm to the touch remove it from the stove.  The cooler the better.  Pour into a bowl and pray over it your requests and desires.  Place it in the bathroom until you are ready for it.  Take regular bath or shower first.  When done take herbal mixture and pour down over the head, the back, shoulder, arms, torso, legs, etc.  While doing this and depending on the bath, you will either be asking for all negativity or evil to be removed or you will be praying for good desires like a job opportunity, love, money, protection, spiritual upliftment, or clarity of dreams, etc.  Do not dry off.  Put on light colored clothing, preferably white.  Proceed to step five.

Step Five:  Light a candle, meditate, pray and relax preferably for the evening. Light one candle everyday for 7 days.  Each time you light the candle you will meditate and pray your desires.  A significant reason for prayer is to announce and proclaim that all unwanted negative and evil thought forms, energies, or spirits must leave your spiritual sacred space.  In your prayers, you can ask God, your Guardian Angel Spirits, the holy ancestor spirits, and your spirit protectors to actually help you to rid your self, space, home, or work area of anything unholy. You want to remove anything evil or anything that is not serving your highest interest. You want nothing but vibrations of love, light, goodness, peace, happiness, etc., and to help achieve this.

To clean the tub when your done, add a cap full of ammonia to bucket of water and rinse tub and shower walls down.  You can also put in a spray bottle and spray everything down to clear any lingering negative energies.

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